Vermont swimming spots struggle with litter

QUECHEE, Vt. (WCAX) A message to swimmers who frequent well-known swimming holes from fellow Vermonters: don't leave your trash behind.

We did a story this week about swimming hole safety and visited a popular spot by the Quechee covered bridge.

Our Adam Sullivan met a local there who was frustrated by the amount of trash swimmers were leaving behind. Colin Elsasser of Hartford says it is everybody's obligation to make sure Vermont's beauty is protected.

"All over the world, we have got to keep the trash out of these places. If you bring it in, bring it out-- it is pretty simple. It's a little annoying to be a local and come down here and seeing people from other places just throwing their stuff all over the place," Elsasser said.

He says people should follow the cardinal camping rule "leave no trace." In short, there should be no sign you were ever there.