Vermont unemployment jumped by 12% in April

MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) As expected, Vermont's unemployment rate soared in April because of COVID-19 layoffs.

Vermont's unemployment rate hit 15.6% in April. That's more than 12% higher than March.

It's also almost 1% higher than the nation's unemployment rate. Typically, Vermont's rate is lower than the country's.

The highest regional unemployment last month was in Derby and the Morristown-Waterbury area. They both came in at 24%.

And the numbers are probably worse than that. Vermont Labor Commissioner Michael Harrington says he doesn't think 15.6% accurately reflects just how many Vermonters are out of work. He says some of the state's data collection is lagging behind and workers who qualify for PUA, like the self-employed, are not counted in unemployment statistics.

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