Vermont wetlands being restored

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MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) Vermont's wetlands are being restored, and it could take a lot of work.

Environmental leaders gave an update on Tuesday in Montpelier.

They said Vermont's wetlands make up about 4% of the state.

Those lands are a habitat for wildlife, but also help with flood protection and water quality improvement.

Leaders say we lose around 4 acres a year to development but new programs and nonprofits are restoring them faster than they're being lost.

"Overall, we believe that about a third of the phosphorus reduction that we need to achieve in order to meet our water quality goals will come through natural quality restoration quality projects and wetlands are a huge component of that," Natural Resources Secretary Julie Moore said.

For perspective, since pre-Colonial days, environmentalists say we've lost about one-third of all of the wetlands in Vermont.