Vermonters show appreciation to farmers helping during pandemic

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HINESBURG, Vt. (WCAX) The Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont, or NOFA-VT, is giving back to farmers who are working hard through the pandemic.

NOFA-VT farmers are traveling the state with a mobile pizza oven, cooking wood-fired lunches for farm crews.

"This year we are focusing on feeding farmers as a way to appreciate them and all their doing to feed our communities. So we're doing ten events throughout the state called 'Feeding Those that Feed Us' as a way to offer appreciation through a pizza party," said Livy Bulger of NOFA-VT.

On Friday, the organization made over fifty wood-oven pizzas for the farmers at the Red Wagon Plants and Family Cow Farm stand, in Hinesburg, which supplies plants and herbs to the local community. Farmers say that it feels like a normal Friday afternoon, busy and filled with customers. Sarah Mcileennie, a worker at the farm stand, says that just like last year, many were surprised to hear they had a pizza party to attend after work. Sarah says her boss kept them in the dark to make the event a well-earned surprise at the end of the day, which they all enjoyed.

"When the oven arrived is when I heard but I think Julie knew beforehand," she said, "I've had their pizza when they've had other pop-ups before, but I haven't yet today but I'm very excited for it, it was a long week."

NOFA- VT is bringing the mobile pizza oven to Fairfax next week, and Hyde Park the week after. Planning for more farm visits, more meals cooked, and other details are in the works.