Vermonters sound off on Trump Calif. tailpipe waiver removal

MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) California no longer has the power to set its own vehicle emission standards.

Thursday the White House carried through on a threat to revoke the state's tailpipe waiver, claiming the move will make cars cheaper and safer.

California adopted stricter standards for emissions than the federal government. About a dozen other states --including Vermont and New York -- followed suit.

The move is opposed by many auto manufacturers and state officials have promised swift legal action.

We asked Vermonters what they think of this move.

"I'm all for states' rights. I think states should be able to decide what they want done in their state. I think the federal government should let the states do what they want to do," said Eric Stilwell of Montpelier.

"I kinda think they should have a federal guideline and then if you want to be more aggressive -- like Vermont's the type of state -- I think would take a stronger stance and I truly believe that's needed," said Jerry Cassels of Moretown.