Vermont's Deer Rifle Season starts

BURLINGTON, Vt. Vermont Fish & Wildlife is asking hunters who get a deer opening weekend to report the deer at a biological check station.

Biologists are collecting middle incisor teeth to estimate population size, growth rate, health, and mortality rates. Each tooth will be cross-sectioned to accurately determine the deer’s age, and the results will be posted on the Fish & Wildlife website next spring.

This season, more antler-less deer permits are available.They said that's because the deer population is high this year.

Deer Biologist Nick Fortin said you'll have no problem finding them.

"There's not a lot of food out in the woods, so deer are going to come out in fields. Most success is going to be deer coming out in fields," Fortin said. "I expect people are going to see a lot more deer particularly in their front and back yards - in their yards, near their homes. Those are the places we tend to have too many deer right now, is close to where people live in large part because hunters don't want to or can't hunt there."

A hunter may take one buck during this season with at least one antler having two or more points one inch or longer. Spike-antlered deer, mostly yearlings, are protected during this season.

Fish & Wildlife also urged hunters to stay safe by wearing a florescent orange hat and being mindful of ticks.

The season ends on Nov. 25.