Voters re-elect NH Gov. Chris Sununu

MANCHESTER, N.H. (WCAX) The chant of two more years echoed throughout GOP election night headquarters in Manchester, New Hampshire, as Republican Gov. Chris Sununu won his bid for a second term.

"Always staying positive, always fighting through, always trying to engineer a better solution. Not just for ourselves, not just for the party, but really for the state of New Hampshire. At the end of the day it gives you a little bit of that 603 pride," Sununu said.

The incumbent was able to fight off a strong challenge by Democrat Molly Kelly. The five-term state senator was banking on voters' frustrations for the national politics coming out of Washington.

"I did get into this race because I was concerned that the policies of the Trump administration had made their way to New Hampshire," Kelly said. "Our campaign gave voice to hundreds of thousands of Granite Staters."

But ultimately, it wasn't enough as Sununu's campaign focused on his accomplishments, saying work needs to be done. A job he clearly enjoys, as our Adam Sullivan found out at the end of a long night.

Reporter Adam Sullivan: So, again, a show of bipartisan here in New Hampshire as Governor Sununu... There he is..... The governor, congratulations. Anything you want to say to our viewers in Vermont, governor?
Gov. Chris Sununu: Hey, I just wanted to thank everybody. Phil Scott is a great governor. It's a great partnership across New England. That is what it's all about, working together across borders, across party, whatever it takes to get the job done.
Adam Sullivan: There you have it. Governor Sununu elected for another term here in New Hampshire.

And Sununu will have to work across party lines in order to govern in his second term. Democrats have regained the majority in both the House and Senate at the Statehouse in Concord.