Vt. Fish and Wildlife: Leave fawns alone

MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) Leave fawns alone: That's the message from the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.

Fawns are being born now and should be left alone. Their mothers are almost always nearby, according to Vt. Fish & Wildlife./Courtesy: Vt. Fish & Wildlife-John Hall

Fawns are typically born in late May and early June. As babies, deer rely on camouflage and stillness to hide. But when people spot fawns alone, they often think the deer is helpless and needs to be rescued.

Biologists say leave the deer alone. In the first few weeks after birth, fawns learn critical survival skills. Human interaction could separate the fawn from its mother, and lead to a sad ending.

If you spot a fawn, biologists urge you to keep your distance.

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