Vt. game wardens: Don't feed deer, bear

MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) A reminder as we head toward fall-- you're not supposed to be feeding the deer.

Courtesy: Vt. Fish and Wildlife

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department says they want to put the word out because they're hearing reports of grain labeled as "deer food" being sold in some Vermont stores. Officials say baiting or feeding deer and bears is not allowed.

Between tickets, warnings and arrests, game wardens issue about 75 citations for it each year.

"This year, I imagine it's going to be a lot less because we have a tremendous amount of apples, acorns and beechnuts. It's going to be difficult to get deer to come into your feed or bait if they're going to be getting their feed elsewhere," said Col. Jason Batchelder, the director of enforcement for Vt. Fish and Wildlife.

Batchelder says the department is already getting tips about people putting food out and says they will investigate those.