Vt. sheriff's deputy denies shooting in road rage incident

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CHELSEA, Vt. (WCAX) An off-duty Orange County deputy sheriff denies he shot at another vehicle in a fit of road rage. Our Dom Amato was in court Friday where he learned more about the charges and heard William Pine's side of the story.

The Vermont attorney general's office wanted Orange County Sheriff's Deputy William Pine to be held without bail after police say he fired two shots at another car in an apparent road rage incident.

Pine denies he fired any gun. He pleaded not guilty Friday to two counts of aggravated assault and lying to police.

Tuesday night, two people say they were traveling on Stone Road in Williamstown when a truck passed them but then pulled over. When they went around it, they say the truck sped up and started tailgating them. At the stop sign, they say the truck tried blocking them in. One victim says he heard the person say they were part of the sheriff's department. They got away, and then they heard the gunshots. Police say two shots hit the vehicle. They say one looked like it hit the back window on the driver's side, went through the driver's seat and landed at the base of the windshield on the passenger side. The other hit the rear bumper of the vehicle. No one was hurt.

Pine says when that vehicle passed him, it accelerated, causing dirt and debris to be thrown on his wife's vehicle. He told police he thought the vehicle was fishtailing and he was trying to get the license plate number to report the car. He says he did try to block them in, got out of his vehicle and did yell that he was from the sheriff's department. But he says he heard two pops as the car drove off, and he claims he did not fire his gun.

As part of the investigation, police recovered 16 handguns from Pine's home and saw several rifles and lots of ammo. They initially left them behind.

On Friday, the judge sent Pine home on a 24-hour curfew, and ordered him to complete a mental health screening. As part of his conditions of release, Police also removed all guns from Pine's home.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department placed Pine on administrative leave.