Vt. students concerned remote learning putting them behind

Published: May. 12, 2020 at 5:49 PM EDT
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Teachers are working hard to keep students engaged in remote classes, but many students we spoke with say what they are learning is not enough to prepare them for the start of school in the fall.

"I'm going into high school. I feel like I'm not going to be ready for the things I need to know," said Chloe Stone, an 8th grader at Rutland Middle School.

Stone and her friends are stressed about going into 9th grade. She says Rutland Middle School should be using different methods to teach social studies, English and STEM. "The Google Classroom is great but it's hard for us to understand what they're telling us and the information they're giving us isn't enough," she said.

Seth Czachor, a 5th grader in Fair Haven, says it is going well, but some subjects like reading are more difficult online. "Trying to find the work and stuff is hard on it, but sometimes it's easy," he said.

Czachor isn't sure how it will be going back in the fall, but he is looking forward to having more time with his teachers. "Because then you'll have your teachers and be able to ask questions instead of your parents, because they don't really know what you're learning," he said.

Hinesburg Community School 5th grade teacher Paul Lasher says regression is common during summer vacation, but that students will have been away from the classroom for almost six months.

"I would definitely think that there is going to be some level of dropping back a bit just because you can't do everything that we would want to do in a normal classroom," he said.

But Liam Ettori, a 6th grader at Rutland Intermediate School, says he feels confident in having enough knowledge to go back in the fall. "I already was learning at school and I got a lot of work done there, and I'm getting a lot of work done at home," he said.

Many superintendents and principals we spoke with say remote learning will impact each student's learning differently. Lasher said it depends on their individual learning styles and abilities.

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