Vt. tax officials claim big improvements in refund timing

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) It's been about three months now since the tax filing deadline and more than 10,000 Vermonters are still waiting for their refunds. It turns out that's an improvement from last year.

Many Vermonters remember the sluggish pace of state tax refunds in 2017. Nearly 3,000 filers didn't end up getting their checks for six months. The tax department blamed the delays on scanning problems and an oversensitive fraud detection system.

This year Tax Commissioner Kaj Samsom says 95 percent of people who filed on time have been paid. Some 77 percent of those filers were paid within a month. That's compared to just 54 percent during that time last year.

If you filed online, the average wait time this year was 21 days. If you filed by paper, it was 28. The commissioner says that's a big improvement over last year, where e-filers waited a month and paper filers waited 40 days.

The tax department says their call volume is down 30 percent this year over last, which the commissioner says indicates more Vermonters are satisfied with the timeliness of their refunds.

But not everyone has their return yet. The commissioner says about 11,000 complete returns still need someone to manually review them. However, he points out that 217,000 people have already gotten their refund checks.

So what should you do if you haven't gotten yours yet?

1. Check your bank account to make sure that it didn't get deposited and you missed it.

2. Check online

3. Call 828-2505 or send an email to: tax.individualincome@vermont.gov