Walking to protect and support animals

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BURLINGTON, Vt. Green Mountain Animal Defenders held their 7th annual Walk for All Animals Saturday.

Vermont's oldest and largest animal protection organization is completely volunteer run, allowing money raised to go straight to supporting animals. The group helps support animal rescue efforts, helps find lost pets and advocates for overall humane treatment of animals.

The Walk for All Animals is their biggest fundraiser of the year -- President of the Green Mountain Animal Defenders says the organization is unique because they handle all animal issues and support all species of animals.

“Whether it's animals held in captivity for traveling zoo's or whether its dogs and cats that need to be spayed or neutered whether its wildlife that's injured or abandoned, we step up and help all of them.” President of the Green Mountain Animals Defenders Sharon MacNair told WCAX.

The organization rallied for Ben & Jerry's to only use cage free eggs and helped end Vermont fairs giving away fish as prizes.