War of 1812 soldiers honored in Northern New York

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) The Friends of Crab Island on Wednesday honored those still buried on the island's battlefield.

This is a yearly tradition for the group but this year marked the first year the ceremony was a part of the Battlefield Memorial Gateway.

Crab Island is a military burial site where 50 American soldiers gave the ultimate sacrifice in the War of 1812. They died on September 11th, 1814.

There was a laying of the wreaths at two separate memorials on the island, a rendition of taps and shots fired in honor of the soldiers.

Veterans say this was an important and strategic battle that took place on the lake and led to the birth of our country.

"No vet will be left behind, it is a tribute and an honor to come out here for our fallen comrades. It's something that no one should forget, when we have veterans that are buried and gave the ultimate sacrifice in battle they should never be left behind and they should never be forgotten nor should the place be abandoned," said John Rock of the Friends of Crab Island.

At the end of the ceremony, Plattsburgh Town Supervisor Michael Cashman honored the American Legion for their hard work and dedication to Crab Island and helping this history live on. The town hopes to have the Battlefield Memorial Gateway open in the next five years.