Warren works to woo voters in New Hampshire

FRANCONIA, N.H. (WCAX) Presidential hopefuls continue to campaign in New Hampshire hoping to lock in first-in-the-nation voters.

Elizabeth Warren was in Franconia Wednesday afternoon. Our Adam Sullivan caught up with her there.

About 700 people showed up to listen to the Massachusetts senator on the stump. She touched on many familiar themes Democrats are highlighting this presidential primary season, like raising the minimum wage and making college more affordable.

But Warren also talked about why she's in the race and what she says is at stake as she thanked supporters for showing up.

"And you came here because you understand this is a moment of great peril for our country, a moment of great danger. And what happens in 2020 won't just determine the direction of the country for the next four or eight years, but the direction of the country for generations to come," Warren said.

After taking a few questions from the crowd, Warren posed for pictures with hundreds of supporters.

We asked them why they're backing Warren in this crowded Democratic field and the supporters we spoke with did not hold back, saying age is a big factor in their decision.

"I am 84 and I know there's a difference between the way I felt in my 70s and the way I felt in my 50s and 60s. And I think the two guys who are elderly have done a lot for this country and they should rest on their laurels," said Alice Poole of Sugar Hill.

"Joe is very tired; so is our friend from Vermont. His time came and went. And there's not many others that have a real good spiel. And I think she believes in her spiel; it's not just talk," said Bradford Whipple, a New Hampshire voter.

Wednesday's campaign event for Warren comes on the heels of Bernie Sanders' two-day swing through the Granite State, and a day before President Trump is scheduled to host a rally in Manchester. WCAX News will have live coverage of that event, as well.