Welch says housing bill could bring $20M to Vermont

Published: Jul. 9, 2020 at 12:03 PM EDT
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A bill working its way through Congress could provide $20 million a year for affordable housing in Vermont.

The Moving America Forward Act earmarks $100-billion for affordable housing including around $20 million in housing tax credits in the Green Mountain State. The bill would fund affordable housing projects such as Juniper House, an affordable housing complex for seniors on North Avenue in Burlington.

Though Congress is still in the thick of dealing with COVID-19, Rep. Peter Welch says the country needs to to look over the horizon. "Job one -- let's get the virus under control. But job two -- and we can't forget it -- let's rebuild America, let's invest. Let's invest in housing so when we are back we can have affordable, quality places that people can live in town close to jobs," he said.

Experts say investing in affordable housing infrastructure creates jobs and has a tangible economic impact. Congressman Welch says that it could face opposition in the Senate, but he expects Senator Mitch McConnell will change his mind.