Welch takes aim at GOP tax reform effort

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Congressman Peter Welch says Republican House and Senate tax reform bills won't help most Vermonters.

Rep. Peter Welch

Welch attended a roundtable event in Burlington Friday with Vermont's tax commissioner, business leaders and community organizations.

Welch says tax reform should strengthen the middle class, promote economic growth and not add to the deficit. But Welch tells WCAX News the GOP's plans will mostly cut taxes for the rich.

He says the Senate's plan is better than the one in the House but not by much.

"It's modestly better but it still adds to the deficit, it still is highly skewed toward corporate relief and not middle-class relief," said Welch, D-Vermont.

Welch says Republicans are writing the bill as they go, which makes it hard for the public and members of Congress to follow.

Our Neal Goswami spoke with the congressman about what he wants to see in tax reform. Watch the video for more on that.