What Sanders' tax returns mean moving forward

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WASHINGTON (WCAX) Sen. Bernie Sanders remains on the campaign trail but he kept largely out of the media spotlight Tuesday, a day after releasing years of personal tax returns answering demands from critics to come clean about his finances.

Here are some of the numbers. Through 2015, Sanders and his wife, Jane, lived largely off his Senate salary with a taxable income that year of $240,000. But then, Sanders ran for president and wrote a best-selling book, and his income soared over $1 million the next two years. Last year, it dropped down to just over a half million.

The tax returns paint a picture of how the Vermont presidential candidate who champions policies for working Americans became a member of the one percent.

Our Washington Correspondent Kyle Midura spent the day combing through Sen. Bernie Sanders' tax returns. He spoke with our Roger Garrity about what he learned. Watch the video for the full interview.