What you need to know about Monday's eclipse

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) The anticipated eclipse is just hours away.

"It just sounds like an unforgettable experience,” said Caitlin Livsey, who is visiting Vermont. “Something you don't want to miss."

"I'm very excited,” said David Mears, a Montpelier resident. “I think it's one of those few times you get to feel connected to those broader cosmos.”

John O'Meara is the head of the physics department at Saint Michael's College. He told us what makes Monday so special.

"You've got the earth right here, you've got the sun over here, and the moon is getting in between the two of them, and the shadow of the moon is going across the earth," said O’Meara.

Our region will see a partial eclipse, meaning the earth, sun, and moon will not be exactly aligned. According to the National Weather Service, the moon will be casting a shadow on the earth during that time, but the shadow will not be noticeable in our region.

"If you're more south than say Bennington, you're going to get about a 65-percent coverage when it's at maximum. When you're up here in Burlington, it's going to be about 60-percent, said O’Meara.

You need to wear special glasses to safely see the eclipse. Once you put them on, you'll see total darkness, unless you're looking up at the sun.

There's viewing parties at libraries across the state and at the ECHO Leahy Center in Burlington.

"I love all astrological events that happen,” said Jesse Lubold, a Waterbury resident. “It's just very exciting to know that there's something bigger happening in the world than just our day to day."

Experts say to start looking at 1:30 p.m. The peak is 2:45, and the whole thing is done by 4.

"I have to work but I'm going to try to sneak away on the side and get a look at it,” said Steven Wright, who lives in Rutland.

"We're going to be out at a farm, so I'm hoping we'll all be out have nice clear sunny weather and be able to enjoy it,” said Jeff Chelf, who is visiting Vermont.

In seven years, a total eclipse of the sun will cross right over our region.