What are student-journalist protections under 'New Voices' law?

Published: Sep. 17, 2018 at 4:05 PM EDT
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Student-journalists and administrators at Burlington High School continue to sort through their differences after the school newspaper was censored by the principal.

Students at The Register broke the story last week about the school's head guidance counselor, Mario Macias, after he was accused of inappropriate conduct. Then the principal demanded the story come down from the newspaper's website. It eventually went back up but now the principal has asked that student journalists submit articles for review 48 hours before publication. The school board says it will work with the administration, students and First Amendment experts to come up with a written policy for The Register, and they say it will be consistent with Vermont's New Voices law, a measure to protect student journalists.

Galen Ettlin spoke with Traci Griffith, a journalism professor at St. Michael's College, about the First Amendment, Vermont state law, and student journalism.