Wheel Pad sends unit to Vietnam veteran

JERICHO, Vt. Wheel Pad, a mobility-focused housing business, has sent a unit out to Jericho for a Vietnam vet, diagnosed with ALS, a progressive neurodegenerative disease.

Julie Lineberger and her husband, architect Joseph Concotta, created the idea for the business. The 200 square foot units with a bedroom and bathroom are for people with mobility issues. The units can either stand alone or attach to a house.

Wheel Pad enlisted the help of Norwich University students to help build the prototype, which is being used to help families across Southern Vermont.

After looking at several options, Edmond Little and his family decided on a Wheel Pad XL. Mr. Little's unit is a little larger than the prototype in order to share the space with his wife.

The cost of the standard Wheel Pad, along with delivery and installation, was completely covered by a Specialty Adaptive Housing Grant from the Veterans Administration.

Wheel Pad in Wilmington was featured on our weekly series, Made in Vermont, in March of 2017.