Whistleblower accuses OneCare Vermont, UVM Medical Center of fraud

Published: Nov. 29, 2019 at 5:07 PM EST
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A former employee of OneCare Vermont is accusing the organization of committing fraud, allegedly wasting millions in taxpayer dollars. But both state and federal prosecutors have declined to intervene in the case. Our Calvin Cutler explains the issue.

The former employee is blowing the whistle on OneCare Vermont, a group of doctors and hospitals responsible for rolling out the state's new all-payer health care system.

In a federal complaint made public this week, a former employee named Robert Hoffman claims OneCare and the UVM Medical Center raised and spent state and federal funds based on false representations of how they handle their data.

Hoffman was hired in early 2018 to manage OneCare's data analytics. He claims software used to handle patient data was flawed and virtually useless. Furthermore, Hoffman says OneCare knew about the deficiencies in the program but continued to tout the program to Medicare and Medicaid officials.

Hoffman says he was fired after raising the red flag with OneCare leadership.

But OneCare says Hoffman only worked there for two months and was let go because of poor performance.

"Upon his departure, he raised concerns that were investigated and determined to have no merit. Mr. Hoffman presented his case to the federal government and to the state of Vermont and both parties declined to intervene," said Amy Bodette, the director of public affairs for OneCare.

Even though the whistleblower complaint was filed in 2018, it didn't become public until this past week when it was unsealed by prosecutors.

But when allegations of fraud surround organizations like OneCare, state leaders say it's nothing to take lightly. Gov. Phil Scott weighed in on the complaint calling for transparency.

"OneCare needs the public's support. OneCare, as well, needs to make sure they're being transparent and showing what they're doing," said Scott, R-Vermont. "I think it's important on both sides to reinstill the faith and trust in some of these entities."