Mystery surrounds the death of Royalton teen

WEST LEBANON, N.H. (WCAX) Police over the weekend identified Austin Colson, the Roylaton teen who disappeared four months ago, and whose remains were found in a Norwich barn last week. While the news provides some solace for his family, the search for answers about his death continues.

Austin Colson

Deaunna McKinney said she was shocked when she got the call that her son's body had been found, even though in her gut, she knew something bad had happened to him. "Being taken away at 19 -- it just devastated us all -- because he should not have been taken away," she said. "I feel numb. I don't know what to think. I find myself crying a lot."

Colson went missing January 11th. He lived in Royalton at the time with his girlfriend. Friends, family and police had been searching for him ever since. Last week, police revisited what they called an area of interest in the case -- a barn in Norwich. The 19-year-old's remains were discovered inside. And while the investigation continues, police are offering few additional details, including how Colson died.

"I've got so many questions. What happened to him? Why did what ever happen to him happen? Who was involved? I mean, I know we say Richard did it, but I mean, I'm hoping it wasn't him," McKinney said.

Several months ago, police named Richard Whitcomb as a suspect in the disappearance. Family members say Colson had planned to meet Whitcomb to sell scrap metal the day he went missing. When asked Monday if Whitcomb was still a suspect in the case, an investigator told WCAX "there are many persons of interest we still want to talk to."

As McKinney flips through pictures of her son, she is now tasked with having to help plan a funeral. "The pain I am going through will never end," she said.

An Autopsy has been conducted, but investigators have not released the cause of death.

Police are asking with anyone with information to come forward.