Why one man handed out cash at a Burlington street corner

Published: Sep. 11, 2017 at 1:53 PM EDT
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Most of the time, when drivers see someone on a busy street corner, they assume that person is looking for money. But we found a busy intersection in Burlington where a man was standing with a sign and doing just the opposite.

"I'm making it fun, giving back," the man said.

It may startle some drivers at first, but this Burlington man promises he's approaching random cars for a good reason.

"You can tell some people were very grateful, appreciative and plan to pay it forward. So it's all good," he said.

He's a man so humble, he didn't want to share his name on television. In fact, he didn't even know we were coming to meet him. But after getting numerous calls from morning commuters we had to see for ourselves.

"My wife and I came across this idea on the internet and thought why not do this here?" he said.

With a massive sign in hand, he waited for a red light to hand out something special to people just starting the day.

"I'm handing out a 2-dollar bill," he said. "And they'll remember where they spend it. Maybe it will get the word going a little bit more. So my little bit of donations hopefully go a lot further."

So why do this? He says it's a couple of things.

"My two kids were down in Fort Myers yesterday in the hurricane, yeah," he said.

Beyond just recent events like Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, he says spreading love on days like Sept. 11 is an opportunity to be uplifting to others.

"I think we all do," he said. "Whether it's a hurricane or just having a bad time in our lives we can all have a down period."