Why the coronavirus has some moving in the middle of the pandemic

Published: Jun. 16, 2020 at 2:28 PM EDT
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The coronavirus pandemic has some people rethinking their living arrangements. In a recent Harris Poll, 39% of people in urban areas said they were considering leaving for a less populated part of the country.

Ingrid Bell and her husband just moved their family from a New York City apartment to a house in southwestern Connecticut.

"When we realized like, 'Oh wow, we have to hunker down and really stay further away from people,' we realized apartment living was probably not the best way to do that," Ingrid said.

It was by video call that Ingrid and her husband agreed to purchase the home. They love all the extra space they now have in the suburbs, but they will miss parts of city living.

"The energy, ability to like on a whim do so many amazing different things," Ingrid said.

Stephanie and Chavain Roberts say the pandemic and economic uncertainty sped up a planned move from Brooklyn, New York, to New Jersey, so they could spend less and get more peace of mind.

"A new environment, and it's not so populated," Stephanie said.

Real estate broker Robin Kencel says she is busier than she has ever been. She uses FaceTime to conduct business. Kencel says many clients are able to move quickly because more companies are allowing employees to work from home.

"This is really intense for people. It's intense usually, but it's got that added layer of, you know, world anxiety," she said.

With the pandemic putting summer travel on pause for many, vacation rental hosts are pivoting to long-term stays instead. Zillow says it there was a nearly 43% jump in long-term rental listings between March 1 and the end of May.

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