Will Amazon's next headquarters be in New Hampshire?

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CONCORD, N.H. (WCAX) Amazon says it wants its HQ2 to complement its Seattle headquarters. The reason so many places want to land it? It's a $5 billion investment, bringing 50,000 jobs.

"I think the proposal we put together is going to really shock people," said Gov. Chris Sununu, R-New Hampshire.

New Hampshire wants to be a contender in the battle for Amazon's HQ2.

"We are meeting on a regular basis. Community leaders, business leaders, putting together an aggressive proposal," Sununu said.

Amazon's current headquarters is in Seattle. The company says the new facility will be "a full equal" and the thousands of jobs at its HQ2 will be "high paying."

Here are a few of the things the company says it prefers:
-Metropolitan areas with more than 1 million people
-Urban or suburban locations that could attract and retain strong technical talent
-The presence and support of a diverse population
-Excellent higher ed institutions

"We are there; our infrastructure is bought and paid for," Sununu said.

It has been reported that New Hampshire's bid focuses on the southern part of the state. And the governor told our Adam Sullivan he knows New Hampshire might be a long shot. Just some of the other places in the running-- Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto and Washington, D.C., where Amazon founder Jeff Bezos owns a mansion and The Washington Post.

"If we can get them to think out of the box just a little bit, understand the value we have to the Greater Boston region. We have all the advantages of being next to Boston without the any of the burdens of taxes and traffic," Sununu said.

"For southern New Hampshire this could be a game changer," said Robert Letovsky, a business professor at St. Michael's College.

Letovsky says he wouldn't be surprised if New Hampshire lands on the short list. He says some of the strikes against big cities include costly housing and nasty commutes for workers who have kids and prefer to live in the suburbs.

"Their workforce is everything for them. Where the workforce is, is the workforce happy to be where it is? Can they retain a workforce? Which is a challenge for tech companies in some places," Letovsky said.

He says New Hampshire does offer proximity to Boston, where a tech boom has taken hold, and lower housing costs than the Bay State.

Reporter Kristin Kelly: Let's say New Hampshire is successful and this does happen in southern New Hampshire. Does that have any impact on Vermont?
Robert Letovsky: I think it would.

He says in the short term it could fuel more loss of young people from Vermont. But overall he expects the number and the type of jobs would have a positive impact across the region, even as far as Burlington.

"I think it would be just terrific overall in terms of job prospects," Letovsky said.

Amazon is accepting bids until Oct. 19. It plans to announce its decision sometime next year.