Will Democrats be able to unite in November?

MANCHESTER, N.H. (WCAX) The U.S. presidential primary process is a chance for political parties to debate over where each stands on a host of issues, but will Democrats be able to come together once they choose their nominee?

The 2016 primary highlighted divisions within the party. Ray Buckley, the New Hampshire Democratic Party chair, says those divisions are a thing of the past.

"This might be a prolonged contest. We don't know, but the last two times it wrapped up quick -- that was John Kerry and Al Gore-- and we didn't win. So, maybe having more states involved in the conversation is better for our ability to win.

Reporter Adam Sullivan: Even Senator Sanders -- he hasn't been a Democrat for most of his career.
Ray Buckley: Well, the people of New Hampshire certainly know him. He's certainly supportive of our candidates, campaigning for Senator Hassan and Senator Shaheen. He helped the party and helped us in 2018.

Buckley also says that recent attacks among the candidates is healthy and an extended primary campaign well beyond New Hampshire could actually be a good thing to unify the party in the long run.