Will the City Council choose a Burlington Telecom bid tonight?

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Will Burlington's City Council choose who buys Burlington Telecom tonight?

That's on the agenda for councilors to continue the debate they suspended last week after Councilor Karen Paul announced she was recusing herself from the vote. She said she had just discovered a conflict through her job at an accounting firm that could not be resolved.

Tonight she has clearance to vote, and she plans to. That's because she quit her job last week so she can support the Mayor's favorite bid -- Ting. She says she's been working to rebuild Burlington Telecom since shortly after she was first elected.

"You know one thing that is not common knowledge is that part of the reason that I became an accountant -- became a CPA -- was because of BT and the challenges that it faced, and the fact that I felt I needed to be much more informed and be able to make better decisions that would guide BT going forward," Paul said. "So to some degree, where I am professionally is intertwined in the history of BT, and as I said, I feel it's important to see it through." Paul says she cannot publicly discuss the reason for her recusal.

We are told by multiple sources that Paul's return to vote means the council is again evenly split between Ting and the co-op -- Keep BT Local. We are also told it is not exactly clear what will happen if there is a tie tonight. The council could vote to delay the vote again or to reopen the debate to other bidders like the two semi-finalists who were passed over earlier this fall.

Channel 3 will be there tonight for the debate, and a vote if it happens. You can see Priscilla Liguori's report tonight at 11.