Will the former head of Vermont's aviation program face charges?

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Will the state file charges against the former head of Vermont's aviation program?

For the last several weeks the Vermont State Police have been investigating allegations of abuses of power by Guy Rouelle. Now troopers have wrapped up their investigation and Thursday handed the case over to Vermont's Attorney General.

WCAX initially learned about the accusations after obtaining an internal memo between VTrans and state police back in October. It alleges an agency audit found multiple examples of Rouelle bypassing policies in an apparent attempt to gain favor within the aviation community, including: allegedly abusing his state purchasing card; advancing projects at airports where he had personal relationships; creating one budget for his bosses and lawmakers, but actually using another version with no oversight; using state money for projects that "would have qualified for federal funds"; and spending at least $19,000 of taxpayer money to become a helicopter pilot while on the clock.

Rouelle resigned in June and now works in the private sector. He denies any wrongdoing and says he got approval for all his purchases.

Attorney General TJ Donovan says his office will take a few weeks to review the case before deciding whether to prosecute.