Williamstown votes to keep ATVs on the road

Published: Apr. 22, 2020 at 12:27 AM EDT
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The vote is in and ATVs will continue to be allowed on roads in Williamstown.

Town Clerk Barbara Graham says 728 residents voted.

About 73% of them used absentee ballots.

Some 376 residents voted to keep the ordinance, 347 voted to remove it and the majority wins.

Williamstown neighbors voted for this ordinance earlier this year, but a petition from residents had enough signatures to repeal the vote.

Graham says she encouraged neighbors to submit absentee votes.

She said at least 200 people still voted in person.

"We all did social distancing. We were six feet apart from each other. Um, two checking in, two checking out," Graham said. "Hand sanitizer was right by the door and we wiped down every booth... we counted with gloves and a lot of sanitizers."

Graham says that usually between 378 and 415 people vote on Town Meeting Day, so this was a significant increase.

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