'Make It on Main Street' winners one year later

Published: Oct. 20, 2019 at 11:03 AM EDT
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It was just about one year ago when Beurremont Bakery and 802 Fitness and Therapy won Wilmington Works' Make it on Main Street contest.

The two businesses each received $10,000 to move to downtown Wilmington as a way to help revitalize the area. The businesses are located in the old high school, which is now being turned into a community center.

Over the last year, Hannah Cofiell from Beurremont Bakery has been getting her space ready to be a licensed commercial kitchen and meeting with the health inspector to get it up to code. She's been back to baking the last five weeks for her wholesale accounts.

On most Friday and Saturday afternoons, she opens her doors to sell items to the community. The $10,000 went toward equipment and contractors like electricians.

"All that fun stuff that you know was not something that I would love to spend my own money on. So, it was really helpful to get that and be able to use that toward getting this place working," Cofiell said.

802 Fitness and Therapy isn't your average gym that has tons of equipment. Owner Paul Croutworst says he's getting people moving the way they're supposed to be moving. Before, Croutworst was limited to the number of clients he could see at one time. Now, he says he has at least quadrupled that number. His prize went toward the Inbody body composition analysis machine. It essentially takes your body weight and tells you how much is muscle mass, water content and fat mass.

"Like everything else in here, it's just a tool, but it allows us to tap into more of that weight loss market, too, not just like the rehab or the performance, but again, anytime you can change that body composition, you're going to perform better," Croutworst said.

The money for the contest was provided by Paul Pabst, executive producer of the Dan Patrick Show, who has a second home in Wilmington.