Winter storm causes flight cancellations in Burlington

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BURLINGTON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (WCAX) The nor'easter inevitably means that if you have plans to fly out of Burlington, you may run into some trouble.

About 90 percent of the flights scheduled to arrive at or depart from the Burlington International Airport are canceled. Airport officials say even though it's snowing here, the problem is at other airports where the conditions are much worse. And they say travelers heading north were luckier than those heading south.

"We basically checked first thing this morning and we checked before the taxi picked us up," said Debbie Milliken of Toronto. "It's affecting everyone else but we are going to Toronto, so it's not affecting us."

"It's really the weather to the south and the majority of the snow happening down there and those hub airports that cancel those flights to Burlington just to avoid all of the weather congestions," explained Nic Longo, the aviation director at the Burlington airport.

Airport officials advise travelers to check their flight status.