Winter wallop in our region hits hardest in southern Vermont

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, Vt. (WCAX) An early-season snowstorm buried parts of our region, while other areas didn't see much of anything at all. The greatest snowfall totals were to the south. Our Adam Sullivan has a look.

"Probably about 2-3 in the morning was the hardest," said Rex McAllister of Brattleboro.

Snowblowers were shooting the white stuff all over Brattleboro Monday morning. Well over a foot of snow came down in less than 12 hours.

"I hope we don't get no more," McAllister said. "We've got to get it sometime. We've had it easy so far."

"Luckily, I didn't work today otherwise I would be crankier," said Jim Carew, who was out shoveling.

Apparently, the plow guy was running behind in this neighborhood. Shoveling was the name of the game.

Jim Carew: It's Vermont, I'm a New Englander, no big deal.
Reporter Adam Sullivan: But it caught you a little off guard, this one?
Jim Carew: Yeah, I wasn't ready yet. But it's all good though.

The digging out continued downtown, with machines and the old-fashioned way, while plows circled back roads and the interstate.

Dozens of schools did not open their doors.

"We are going to meet our friends for some sledding and then hot cocoa," mom Robin Morgan said.

Her family got the call classes were canceled on Sunday evening.

"I would much prefer getting the call the night before to the 5 a.m. on the day of," Morgan said.

What was fun for some meant more work for others.

"Turns out the worse the weather, the better the business," said Robert Putnam of Ace Hardware.

Shovels were selling quickly at the Ace Hardware store on Main Street, along with parts for snowblowers.

"I think we will get through it like we always do," Putnam said. "This just gets us humbled and ready for the rest of it. So, the rest of it we should cruise right through."