Wishes are medicine

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) At 7 years old, Barre's Jamie Heath had an aneurysm. That was followed by two separate strokes. The second stroke five years ago, left Jamie paralyzed on the right side of her body. She's slowly working her way back to form.

Three years ago, Jamie had her wish granted threw Make-A-Wish Vermont. She took a trip to Hawaii.

"Before I went to Hawaii, I just wanted to run away from reality," Heath said. "I was not accepting my position. I was in a slump. I was very depressed, but when I got back from Hawaii, I was ready to heal."

Jamie chronicles her trip through a book that she wrote called, "Wishes are Medicine: How Make-A-Wish Gave Me Hope and Helped Me Heal."

"I think that the big part of Make-A-Wish, the fact that it's not just for terminally ill children," Heath said. "It's for children with life threatening illnesses. I'm trying to tell others what Make-A-Wish did for me."

The CEO of Make-A-Wish contacted Jamie at her home and asked her if she wanted to write a book about her experience.

"I said heck yeah," Heath said. "One thing after another, the pieces all fell into place and it's just amazing to see it now."

Starting Wednesday, Jamie is going on a two-week book tour through Vermont.

"I hope to touch everybody's heart and I hope I inspire so many people and just get them to know the message of Make-A-Wish," Heath said. "Some kids don't really know the opportunity they've been given when they go on their wish, but once they get older and realize what they've done, because of Make-A-Wish, I think that will help."

Shaftsbury native, Leonard Kenyon, provided the illustrations for Jamie's book.