Workers rescue fawn from frigid water

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HYDE PARK, Vt. (WCAX) A fawn was rescued from frigid water in upstate New York. Two construction workers from Hyde Park had to act fast.

“We had to get it out of there, everyone was pretty heartbroken over it,” said Brandon Hepburn and Bill Lamb.

Hepburn and Lamb of Hyde Park, were on the job working on the Conklingville Dam in Hadley, New York when they spotted something usual in the water.

“We all went over to look and it was just this little baby fawn trapped down 40 foot cliffs all around it. We just felt like we had to do something about it,” said Hepburn.

The two friends describe themselves as animal lovers and couldn't bear to see the deer, suffering, while stuck in the dam.

“We got a rope and a pole made a little lasso. I was running in the end of the rope, he had the pole so we could out over the edge,” Hepburn said.

After getting the animal through the lasso, they pulled the fawn out of the freezing water.

“Got her up on the ledge where we were, kind of restrained her and wrapped her up in blankets and brought her down to this heater we had, and dried her off. Called the game wardens and they said to just dry her and let her go, not much else we could do about it,” said Hepburn.

Moments later, the animal took off, not before glancing back as if to say thanks.

“She kind of took off and stopped and looked back at us, kept looking back at us, it was cool,” said Hepburn and Lamb.

Now it will be a day they'll be able to look back on. A good deed and a great story to tell.