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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Announcer: From Wcax, This Is
"You Can Quote Me."

>> Keith McGilvery : This Morning On You
Can Quote Me, We Are Celebrating
Our Region.
It's Nice To Have You With Us.
I'm Keith Mcgilvery.
>> Eva: And I'm Eva Mckend.
For More Than A Decade You Have
Come Along As We Get "Stuck In
Vermont" With Our Friend Eva
>> Keith: This Summer The
Popular Segment From Our Media
Partners At Seven Days Marks Its
500th Episode.
That's 500 Trips From Burlington
To The Far Reaches Of Our State.
Over The Years Eva Has
Introduced Us To The Wild And
Whacky People And Places That
Make Vermont Special.
She's Shared Stories Of Heart,
Courage, And Compassion In A
Style That Is Really All Her
>> Eva: Eva Has Put Together A
Special Musical Adventure
Marking The Milestone "Stuck In
She's Joining Us This Morning
For A Look Back.
>> Keith: So Great To Have You
With Us Today.
This Is An Exciting Project.
Why Did You Want To Take On A
>> I Love Musicals And I Love
Taking On The Music.
I Love Singing And Dancing And
That Is An Excuse To Celebrate
"Stuck" In The Ten Years Of My
Life Making, But I Also Love The
>> Eva: It Sounds Like A Lot Of
How Is Making This Documentary
Different Than What You Usually
Do, Different Than The Other
>> This Is Actually A Narrative,
But Normally I Make The
Documentaries, So Every Week I
Go Out And Interview People And
I Never Know What They're Going
To Say Or Who We're Going To
It's Very Random Sometimes And I
Go Into The Editing Room And I
Extend Hours And Hours And
Hours, Like 30 To 40 Hours
Editing It Down To That Very
Cohesive Little Story I Play On
Wcax Every Friday.
But This Is A Narrative, So
Actually It Has A Script And I
Wrote It Months Ago.
It Has People, Actors, Locals
Cast In The Roles, So It's
Definitely Different In Terms Of
You Don't Necessarily Know When
You Write A Script If It's Going
To Work Until You Shoot It, And
Some Scenes Had To Get Cut, Some
Had To Get Mixed Around, But You
Have More Control And It's Also
Just A Different Feeling.
It Doesn't Have That Sort Of
Organic Quality Has A
Documentary Has, But I Liked
Pushing Myself And I Learned A
Lot Doing It.
>> Keith: Well, We've Split It
Up Into Two Parts.
We're Going To Go Ahead And
Watch The First Half.
>> Victoria: Excuse Me!
>> Reuben: Oh, Is That You, Eva?
I Never See You Without That
Is It Attached To You Or
>> Eva: Welcome To Stuck In
My Name Is Ava And We're At
Beautiful Perkins Pier.
And Behind Me Is Beautiful Lake
That's Right, This Week Is
Give Me A Second.
>> Del Pozo: I Think We've Got A
Situation On Our Hands.
Stand By.
>> Eva: \M Welcome To The 500th
Episode Of Stuck In Vermont, The
Musical \M
\M We've Been Stuck In The Mud
And Snow \M
\M On The Winooski On A
Paddleboard \M
\M Stuck In The Pace Car At
Thunder Road \M
\M We're Stuck In Vermont \M
\M Stuck In, Stuck In Vermont \M
\M We've Been Stuck In
Montpelier \M
\M In The Water Of Lake
Champlain \M
\M Stuck In The Demolition
Derby \M
\M We're Stuck In Vermont \M
Hey, Rusty, Catch!
>> How Do You Like Me Now?
>> Didn't You Do A Story On Me?
>> Eva: That's Right, Rusty
For The Past Ten Years, I've
Travelled All Over The State
Interviewing Vermonters Like You
About What Makes This Place So
\M We've Been Stuck On Roller
Skates \M
\M Stuck In A Hot Air Balloon \M
\M Driving Horses And Up In A
Plane \M
\M We're Stuck In Vermont \M
\M Stuck In, Stuck In Vermont \M
\M We Were Stuck In Swimming
Holes \M
\M At The Drive-In Picture Show \M
\M In A Snowplow Clearing The
Roads \M
\M We're Stuck In Vermont \M
>> Alison: Hey, Didn't You Get
Unstuck From Vermont To Make A
Video About Me?
>> Eva: Yes, I Did, Alison
Sometimes We Do Get Unstuck.
Every Now And Then We Do Get
>> Dancers: \M We Got Unstuck \M
>> Eva: And Went To Broadway!
>> Crowd: We Got Unstuck.
>> Eva: And Saw A Ghost Town.
>> Crowd: We Got Unstuck.
>> Eva: At Cat Cafes In
>> Crowd: We Got Unstuck, We Got
>> Eva: Oh Hey Guys!
>> Sophie: I'm So Happy To Be
Stuck In Vermont With My
Daughters Eva And Margot.
>> Margot: Mom, Generally Being
Stuck Someplace Isn't Considered
A Good Thing.
>> Eva: It's True, We Get Stuck
In Ruts And Bad Relationships
And Sometimes We Even Get Stuck
In Maple Syrup Spills.
And Yes, Life In Vermont Can Be
Tough, Being Surrounded By A
Tight-Knit Community Of
Plaid-Wearing, Kale-Eating,
Healthy People And Don't Even
Get Me Started On The Nine
Months Of Winter.
[ Phone Ringing ]
>> Eva: Hello?
No, I Wasn't Busy.
You're Offering Me A Job Making
Videos In San Francisco?
Where It's Sunny Year Round, A
Multicultural Mecca Teeming With
You'll Give Me An Hour To Think
It Over?
Okay, Thanks.
[ Whispering ] Stuck In San
Could I Leave Vermont?
>> Dancer: Oh No! Look Out For
That Twister!
>> Eva: Well, You Know What They
If You Don't Like The Weather In
Vermont, Wait A Few Minutes.
[ Screaming ]
>> Dispatching Send Me
Everything You Got.
We Got An Escalating Situation
>> Eva: A Twister In
Burlington, What Are The
I Got To Get Some Footage For
The Web!
These Winds Are So Strong, I Can
Barely Stay On The -- Whoa!
Oh No!
>> Dancer: Oh No!
The Twister's Got The Stuck In
Vermont Lady!
[ Sirens Blaring ]
>> Sharon: And We Have Very
Unusual Weather In Vermont This
Afternoon, A Twister Touched
Down At Perkins Pier In
>> Darren: Sharon, Thank You
Very Much.
This Just In.
We're Getting Word That Ava
Soulberger Has Caught Up In It.
What A Freakish Weather Pattern.
>> Kristin: Indeed.
Almost Makes You Wonder If A
Dream Sequence Is Starting Or
>> Eva: Stuck In San Francisco.
Do They Have 100% Maple Syrup At
Restaurants There?
Does The Air Smell Of Cow
Do They Even Have Seasons In San
What About Mud Season?
>> Hipster Witch: I'll Get You,
My Pretty, And Your Little
Videos Too!
[ Cackling ]
[ Barking ]
>> Eva: I Have A Feeling We're
Not In Vermont Anymore 802-Toe.
[ Barking ]
>> Eva: \M Somewhere Over The
Rainbow \M
\M Unstuck From Vermont \M
\M There's A Land On The
Fringes \M
\M Where You Go To Find Your
Way \M
>> Rusty: Well, It's About Time
You Showed Up, Little
>> Eva: Oh, Rusty Dewees.
Fancy Seeing You Here In My
Dream Sequence.
So You've Been Stuck In Vermont
For Almost 20 Years Now.
Why Do You Stay?
>> Rusty: I Think Your Head's
Got All Cloudy.
You Want To Commute Over Bridges
With Thousands Of Other People
In Tin Cans, Be My Guest.
You Want To Go To Meetings With
20-Year-Olds Talking 'Bout
Brands And Trends And All That,
Have A Blast.
But If You Want Green Land, Room
To Roam And Doing Your Stories
About Eccentric, Passionate
Trailblazers, Well, You're
Already Stuck In The Right
Place, Missy.
>> Eva: I'm Stuck In The Right
>> Rusty: You Just Got To Listen
To Your Heart And Follow Its
True Path.
Grab That [ Bleep ] Oil Can Over
There And Give Me A Little Shot
Of It.
I'm A Wee Bit Rusty Right There.
Look At Them Shoes.
>> Eva: Jiminy Crickets!
Thanks, Rusty The Tin Man!
>> Keith: Eva, This Is
Incredible So Far.
>> Eva: Truly, Truly.
>> Keith: I Know It Was A
One-Week Shoot.
What Was That Like?
>> The Photo Absolute Was
I've Never Experienced Anything
Like It In My Life.
It Was Seven Days, Like I Worked
For Seven Days, 70 Shoots,
7:00 A.M. To Midnight, Lugging
We Had An Amazing Crew.
I Don't Usually Shoot With A
You Know, I'm Me And Maybe James
Buck Sometimes Shooting
Together, But Everybody Just Put
In 150%.
People Showed Up, Helped Us,
Brought Their Energy And
Creativity, And It Was The Most
Exciting And The Most Difficult
Week Of My Life.
>> Eva: It Sounds Like It.
Talk To Us Pour About The
Collaboration Involved -- More
About The Collaboration Involved
In Pulling Off A Project Like
>> I Never Could Have Done This
Alone And I Wanted To Do
Something That Meant Community
To Me.
This Really Did.
The Tag Line Is I Find Out The
True Meaning Of Being Stuck In
I Really Do Learn That.
I Sat Down With A Composer Nate
Vanett Early On And I Said Can
We Do This?
There's Two Original Songs And
Some Mix-Ups Of Popular Songs,
And He Was Like, Yes, We Can Do
And Then The Choreographer, Can
We Do This?
And She's Like, Yes, We Can Do
And Everybody Just -- It Fell
Into Place.
The Visual Effects And All The
Different Pieces, And I Couldn't
Have Done It By Myself.
>> Keith: Wow.
Well, The Suspense The Building
This Sunday Morning.
You Want To Stick With Us
Because Part Two Of Eva's Stuck
In Vermont 500th Anniversary
Musical Special When We Come
>> Keith: Welcome Back,
This Sunday Morning On "You Can
Quote Me," We Are Celebrating
Stuck In Vermont.
>> Eva: Eva Sollberger Is The
Woman Behind The Widely Popular
Segment Marking Its 500th
Episode This Summer.
>> Keith: We So Enjoy Your
Joining Us Every Week With All
These Adventure.
It's Been More Than A Decade.
How Did The Segment Come To Be
In The First Place?
>> Well, I Was Doing The
Breakfast Show And I Wanted To
Do Something In The Community.
It Was About Pop Culture In My
Family And I Wanted To Meet
People And Find Out What They
Were Doing.
I Knew The People At Seven Days
And They Said Why Don't You Try
And Make A Video Series For Us
And It Started Out As A Lark And
I Just Kept Doing It Week After
Week And If You Stick Can
Something Long Enough, It
Becomes Sort Of An Institution.
>> Eva: Where Are Some Of Your
>> We Went To A Number Of
We Filmed At Seven Days,.
We Were At Flynn Center For
Performing Arts.
We Love Filming There, Such A
Beautiful Theater.
We Were At Sheldon's Farms, My
Favorite Place To Visit And Also
At Uvm's Farm In South
Burlington Which Has The Lovely
Rock Sculptures That You Saw In
Our Previous Stuck In Vermont.
>> Keith: We Want To Go Ahead
And Take A Look At Part Of Your
Stuck In Vermont Special Musical
Take A Look.
>> Wizard: Took Your Time
Getting Here, Didn't You?
You Mumbling Muddle Headed Media
Ten Years Of Making That
Ridiculous, Rambunctious Video
Series Of Yours And You're Just
Now Getting Around To
Interviewing Me?
Bah Humbug!
>> Eva: I'm Sorry, Your, Your --
Your Highness?
There's Just So Many Stories To
>> Wizard: Silence!
I Know Why You're Here And If
You Have To Ask, You Don't
Belong Here.
Be Gone, Leave This Verdant
Paradise Of Rolling Hills And
Genuine People.
Jump Ship, Take A Hike, Goodbye!
Hey, What Are You Doing?
Don't Look Under The Curtain.
Get Out Of There.
>> Alison: Oh Hey Eva!
I Mean Hey, Eva, I Was Wondering
When You'd Magically Appear.
>> Eva: Alison Bechdel!
But Are You -- Are You The Great
And Powerful Cartoonist Of
Vermont Who Was Just Terrifying
>> Alison: I Guess The Gig Is
So You're Here To Ask Me About
Staying In Vermont?
>> Eva: Oh Wise Cartoonist
Laureate Of Vermont, For 25
Years You Drew Your Comic Strip
Dykes To Watch Out For, Which I
Read In Seven Days Every Other
Why Did You Stick With It?
>> Alison: Plus, Someone Had To
Feed The Cat.
[ Meow'ing ]
>> Eva: And Somehow You Found
The Time To Draw Fun Home, Your
Best-Selling Graphic Novel Which
Was Turned Into A Broadway
Musical And Won Five Tony
Why Do You Stay Here When You
Could Be Anywhere?
>> Alison: Well, I Got Stuck In
Vermont 25 Years Ago And That's
The Way I Like It.
I Enjoy My Compost Heap, The
Quiet, Having The Time To
Practice My Wizarding.
Besides, Have You Read The Paper
This Is Probably The Sanest
Place To Be Stuck.
>> Eva: And After All, There's
No Place Like Fun Home, Am I
>> Alison: Yeah, I Never Heard
That One Before.
Listen, You've Got A Dark
Journey Ahead, But If You Listen
To Your Mother, You'll Survive.
>> Eva: My Mother?
Thanks, Allison Bechdel.
>> Hipster Witch: Time For You
To Pay Me A Little Visit, My
It's 3:00 A.M. And You're On A
Is Your Video Done Yet?
[ Gleeful Cackling ]
>> Eva: \M I'm A Maniac, Maniac \M
\M Stuck In Vermont \M
\M And I'm Cutting Like I've
Never Cut Before \M
\M I'm A Maniac, Maniac \M
\M Stuck In Vermont \M
\M And I'm Cutting Like I've
Never Cut Before \M
>> Hipster Witch: All This Sleep
Deprivation Will Kill You, My
Pretty, And For What?
A Piddly Little Web Video Series
In The Boonies?
Wake Up, You're Wasting Your
[ Distant Laughing ]
>> Aren't You The One That Makes
That Program, Trapped In
>> Eva: It's Stuck In Vermont!
>> Monster: Oh Poor Baby, Eva
Never Made A Viral Video.
Worth Episode Ever, Eva.
>> Eva: My Name's Ava!
>> Monster: I'm Offended By The
Title Of Your Series!
If You Feel Stuck Here, Leave!
>> Eva: I Wouldn't Have Made 500
Episodes About A Place I Didn't
>> If You Take The T Out Of
Stuck In Vermont, It Spells Suck
In Vermont!
>> Eva: I Can't Take It Anymore.
It's Like Being Stuck In The
City Market Parking Lot During
There's No Way Out!
>> We Live In A Dangerous World
And I Don't Know If There's
Place For That Spark.
[ Many Voices Echoing ]
>> Eva: Ahhhhh!!
>> Eva, You're Awake.
>> Eva: Mom, Is That Really You?
Was It All A Dream?
>> Sophie: Yes, Dear.
You're Home Now.
Remember, You Moved Back To
Vermont To Be Closer To Your
Family, And Just Look At All
These Sweet Cards You Got From
The 4th And 5th Graders At
Champlain School.
>> Margot: Oh, Are You Back From
Your Dream Sequence?
While You Were Gone, I Wrote
Another Book.
Why Did We Go Black And White
>> Sophie: Now Dear, You've Got
Get Up Now And Get Your Camera.
Remember We Have An
Anti-Pipeline Square Dance In An
Hour And You Promised To Film
>> Eva: I'm Coming!
Where Is My Camera?
\M The Hills Are Alive \M
\M 'Cause We're Stuck In
Vermont \M
\M With Videos We Have Made For
The Last 10 Years \M
\M Vermont Fills My Heart With
Inspiration \M
\M My Heart Wants To Film Every
Story It Hears \M
>> Eva: There's No Place Like
There's No Place Like Vermont,
There's No Place Like Vermont.
[ Phone Ringing ]
>> Eva: Yes, You're Calling
About The Job In San Francisco,
All I Can Say Is...
\M We're Stuck In, Stuck In
Vermont \M
>> We're Stuck In Vermont!
[ Many Voices Talking At Once ]
>> Hipster Witch: Oh What A
State, What A State!
Who Would Have Thought That A
Good Little Video Maker Like You
Would Defeat My Beautiful
And We Had A Great Benefits
Package Too!
I'm Melting, I'm Melting!
I'm Melting!
>> Del Pozo: So The Witch Was
The Job Recruiter All Along?
Well That Solves This Mystery.
The Smittens Have Arrived.
I Think We've Got A Big Finale
To This Little Caper.
\M You Might Be Stuck In The
Driveway \M
\M What A Chance Of A Slow Day \M
\M But We're Stuck In, Stuck In
Vermont \M
\M Yeah, We're Stuck In \M
\M But We're Stuck In Vermont \M
\M We're Stuck In Vermont \M
\M You Can Have It All \M
\M Stuck In Vermont \M
\M We're Stuck In, We're Stuck In
Vermont \M
\M We're Stuck In Vermont \M
\M We're Stuck In, Stuck In
Vermont \M
\M You Can Have It All \M
\M We're Stuck In, Stuck In
Vermont Yeah \M
\M We're Stuck In, Stuck In
Vermont \M
\M We're Stuck In, Stuck In
Vermont \M
\M You Can Have It All \M
\M We're Stuck In, Stuck In
Vermont \M
\M We're Stuck In \M
\M We're Stuck In, Stuck In
Vermont \M
\M You Can Have It All \M
\M We're Stuck In, Stuck In
Vermont \M
\M We're Stuck In Vermont \M
\M You Can Have It All \M
\M You Can Have It All \M
>> Eva: Oh, That Was A Late
Night Editing.
Ding Dong, The 500th Is Done.
Thank You So Much For Watching
For The Past Ten Years And We're
So Glad To Get Stuck In Vermont
With You Again Real Soon.
Thanks To Everybody For
Participating In This!
The Whole Community Got Involved
And We Had A Blast With All Of
>> Eva: What An Accomplishment.
>> Keith: Incredible.
>> Thank You Both.
>> Eva: I Love Seeing The Wcax
Video, Talking About All The
>> That's Right, I Love Being
Here To Do Cameos With Darren
And Kristen And Sharon And That
Just Gave It What It Needed.
It's One Of My Favorite Parts Of
The Video.
I Love It.
I Love That They Were Being
>> Keith: And We Have
Behind-The-Scenes Video.
We're Showing Behind-The-Scenes
What Is This?
>> That's Me Talking To The
Crowd, Max With The Boom Mic.
The Behind-The-Scenes Shows How
Many Team Need To Be Credited
Because This Literally Would Not
Have Happened Without All These
Allison And Rusty, We Don't Have
Done It Without Them.
The Chief Of Police, Finn, Lois,
Marian, Woody, All These People
Made It Possible.
I Can't Say How Grateful I Am
Because It's Just Too Many To
I'm Just So Grateful To Live
Here And Work With People Like
You Guys.
>> Eva: What's Next For You,
>> Well, I Keep Making Videos
Every Week.
I Have A 501st Video Next Week
And We're Going To Fenway And I
Want To Keep Experimenting.
People Say I Have The Funniest
Job Ever, And For Me, It Is Fun,
But For Me, I Have To Do
Creative Things Like This And
Pushing The Boundaries And
Keeping It Fresh.
That's My Goal Always.
>> Eva: Ten Years.
>> Keith: You Are Such An
Incredible Treasure In Our
What An Opportunity To Get
Around And See Vermont And What
Makes This Place So Special.
We Want To Let Folks Know, You
Can Catch Eva Right Here On
Channel 3 Every Friday Night On
The Evening News.
It Is Such A Treat.
We Look Forward To It Every
Single Week.
And I Think We Have A Lot More
Surprises In Store.
>> I Love Coming Here.
Thank You For Having Me.
>> Keith: Thank You So Much For
Being Here.
It Was A Lot Of Fun And Catch
Eva Every Single Week And The
Channel 3 Sunday Morning News Is
Up Next.
Have A Wonderful Wednesday,
Everyone, Take Care.

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