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BURLINGTON, Vt. Announcer: from wcax, this is
"you can quote me."
>> Darren: good morning,
I'm Darren Perron.
Right now on "you can quote me,"
Ending DACA.
How lifting protections for some
Undocumented immigrants is
Leaving dozens of Vermont
Residents in fear.
Now the state is suing the trump
Vermont's attorney general joins
Me in just a bit to talk about
The case.
>>> also, the lgbt community
Celebrates diversity in Vermont
It's pride day.
We'll learn about the pride
Parade, its history, and why
It's still relevant.
>>> plus, state police still not
Talking about a deadly shooting
In Poultney, and that's where we
Begin this morning.
Governor Phil Scott says he's,
Quote, confident state police
Made the right call when five
Troopers opened fire during a
But the governor also said he
Knows few additional details
Other than what's been released
By state police publicly so far.
State police have refused to
Answer any questions about the
Shooting that happened on
September 1st, including
Follow-ups to information that
They've already released.
Scott says his administration
Will review whether they made
The right call not to hold press
Conferences or answer media
Questions about the shooting.
>> i probably know maybe just a
Little bit more than what has
Been in the media, but not much
I'm confident that they adhered
To protocol and they did what
Was right in that situation.
>> Darren: the standoff suspect,
Who allegedly told troopers he
Wanted to die, was shot after
Police say he displayed a gun.
Police later said it was a bb
The troopers involved are all on
Leave while an investigation is
Should police be more
Transparent about this
Investigation, especially when
They're involved?
To talk about that, I’m joined
Now by Traci Griffith, a media
Law and ethics professor at
St. Michael's college and the
Media studies chair.
Thank you for joining us this
We really appreciate it.
Why do you think that state
Police are being so mum about
This investigation?
Some wondering whether they're
Protecting the investigation or
Whether they're protecting
>> Griffith: it's probably
They have this investigation
They want to do to make sure
That everything was handled
Properly and in order to do
That, they kind of need the
Space, the opportunity, to
Gather information, to gather
The facts without the scrutiny
Of the public.
And sometimes the public
Scrutiny can maybe shape the way
The investigation goes.
>> Darren: how important is
Transparency in either a case
Like this or in any other, you
Know, state police investigation
Or any other part of government?
>> Griffith: well, transparency
Is obviously very important,
That is the role of the media,
To oversee how our government
Officials are conducting
Business in, you know, in view
Of the fact that we as the
Public have the right to know
How our elected officials are
Behaving, how they're conducting
So the presumption should be for
Openness, but there are certain
Situations such as in trials or
In these types of cases where
Maybe transparency isn't always
The best thing until the initial
Investigation can be done.
>> Darren: how much does the
Media get to know?
How much power does the media in
Getting that information?
>> Griffith: well, the media has
An enormous amount of power,
So once that information is
Obtained, what does the media do
With it and what is the effect
Of releasing all of that
This is very much a -- it's kind
Of where the first amendment,
The right to free press, and the
Sixth amendment, the right of
The accused to a fair trial,
They buttheads.
In this particular situation, it
Isn't a trial situation, but in
Other kinds of situations wrp
The medias seeking to get
Information, it means the
Information they obtain will be
Put out into the public and how
Does that affect the ability of
The accused to be able to get a
Fair trial if there's pervasive
Media that's out there that
Might be shaping the way people
Think about a particular case or
>> Darren: could this be a p.r.
>> Griffith: in recent times,
The police have come under a lot
Of scrutiny, and it would seem
That they would want to be more
Transparent, right?
To kind of gain back maybe --
Not favor, but maybe trust of
The public.
>> Darren: so where should folks
Then look?
If they're looking for
Information, we're not getting
It, sit just a waiting game at
This point?
>> Griffith: it's very much of a
Waiting game because the people
Who have the information are
Refusing to release it, right?
There's very little -- there are
Very few options for the media
When the official line is not
Being exposed, very few options.
>> Darren: how much push should
The media be doing at this point
Without sort of, you know,
Trying to either compromise an
It seems like we have to walk a
Fine line sometimes.
>> Griffith: no, the media
Should always push, that's their
The media should always push and
The law enforcement community is
Going to respond in the way they
Choose to respond, but the media
Should always be there to be the
>> Darren: and we try to be.
Traci, thank you so much.
Appreciate your time as always.
>> Griffith: thank you.
>> Darren: coming up next,
Hundreds line the streets in
Burlington today as people
Celebrate the lgbt community,
And later, president trump's
Decision to end daca leads to a
Lawsuit from vat.
We'll talk to our attorney
General about that suit and find
Out what it will actually do.
Don't go away.
>> Darren: events have been
Going on for a week now during
Vermont's pride, a celebration
Of the lgbt community, and it
Ends today with a big parade
Down church street in Burlington
To battery park.
Some way wonder, though, why
Pride is still relevant,
Especially in such is a
Progressive state like Vermont.
To talk about that, the
Executive director at the pride
Center of Vermont, Susan Hartman
Is here.
Welcome to the program.
>> Hartman: thank you.
Thank you for having me here.
>> Darren: for folks who don't
Know, what is pride?
>> Hartman: it's an annual
Event, happens all throughout
The nation, various times
Throughout the year.
Essentially pride is a time for
Our community, the lgbt
Community, to come together and
Celebrate our lives that are
Lived authentically.
>> Darren: gay rights parades
Began in 1970 in answer to a
Riot at stonewall and many folks
Probably understand the need for
Pride parades then when people
Were just arrested because of
Their sexual orientation or
Why almost 50 years later are
Pride parades still important?
>> Hartman: we still have an
Environment in which the rights
We to gain, we have to continue
Divael fight to keep.
We have a number of rights that
Haven't been granted to our
We still don't have protections
In the workplace, we don't have
Protections oftentimes when it
Comes to housing and also we
Still have individuals, just
Countless numbers of individuals
Who are recipients of hate
They are injured or killed for
Who they are, and we have
Individuals who are harming
Themselves or hating themselves
Because of who they are.
So pride as time for us to send
That message out to our own
Community to say you are okay,
And it's also a time for us to
Let the rest of the community
Know we're here, we're not going
Anywhere, and we deserve and
Demand equality.
>> Darren: so some of the
Challenges still posed for this
Community, what kind of progress
Have we seen?
>> Hartman: i think it varies
Depending on who you ask.
If you talk with the transgender
Community, I’m sure you would
Hear that not much progress at
All has been made, so we still
Have a lot of work to do.
>> Darren: and what do you hope
Folks take away today, the
Message at pride?
>> Hartman: what we want, we
Want -- first of all, we want
Folks to have a good time.
Just, you know, the fun stuff is
Out and so we just want folks to
Enjoy the sun and enjoy visiting
With each other.
Many times people see friends
That they haven't seen since
Last year's pride.
I want folks who may be are
Attending pride for the first
Time to walk away knowing that
There's a whole community out
There, a whole family out there
Ready to embrace them and ready
To help them live loud, proud,
And authentically.
>> Darren: again, that parade
Later today at around noontime
With the festival to follow.
Susan Hartman, thank you so
>> Hartman: thank you.
>> Darren: really appreciate it.
Let's go now to Scott Fleishman
In the newsroom.
A busy day in news.
What's coming up in about 15
Minutes, Scott?
>> Scott: the devastating
Hurricane known as Irma has made
Its way to Florida.
One of the largest hurricanes
We've ever seen is continuing to
Cause damage and it doesn't stop
With Irma.
Hurricane Jose is also making
Its mark in the Caribbean.
We'll have complete coverage,
Including a special report from
Cbs news at the top of the hour.
Also, it's race day in lace
The ironman is set to begin this
Morning at 10:00 a.m.
This is the second ironman that
The area has hosted this year.
This particular event is half
The distance of the regular
Ironman competition.
We'll hear from one of the
Athletes ready to bike, run, and
Swim his way to glory.
Lots more nu, weather and sports
Straight ahead.
>> Darren: you guys are busy.
Welcome, by the way, the new
>> Scott: i like experience.
We'll say i have experience.
>> Darren: we'll stick with
Thank you so much.
Next, Vermont’s attorney general
On the state's decision to sue
The trump administration over
>> Darren: they're called
Dreamers, but many are now
Saying the trump administration
Is making their lives a
The president plans to ditch a
Policy protecting undocumented
Immigrants who were brought to
The u.s. As children.
President trump said he has no
Regrets about ending the
Academic program and throwing --
The academic program and
Throwing to it congress to
Implement a perms fix.
>> Pres. Trump: i certainly hope
They do.
>> Darren: the trump
Administration called the Obama
Era program created by executive
Action in 2012 unconstitutional
And faced a lawsuit from
Republican-led states making
That argument.
>> Such an open-ended
Circumvention of immigration
Laws was an unconstitutional
Exercise of authority by the
Executive branch.
>> Darren: backlash to the
President's decision has come
From education, business,
Religious leaders, and
Lawmakers, including Vermont’s
Congressional delegation.
>> This is about the life of
Young people who found
Themselves growing up in the
United States of America.
They weren't born here, but they
Were brought here, often times
When they were infants.
The only country they've ever
Known, the place where they went
To daycare, to grammar school
And high school, and in some
Cases college, where they worked
In our military.
>> Darren: senator Patrick Leahy
Said after promising to show
Daca recipients great heart, the
President has revealed he is as
Heartless as he is uninformed.
And senator Bernie sanders took
Aim at the president's move,
>> to end the daca program is
One of the most cruel and ugly
Decisions ever made in the
Modern history of this country
By a president.
>> Darren: some republicans
Denounced the decision as well,
Include Vermont’s governor Phil
Scott, who said the young people
Who will be affected have known
No other home than the u.s. And
Daca has given many of them
Important academic opportunities
That further their ability to
Contribute to our communities.
800,000 people are now protected
By the daca program, so what
Exactly is daca?
If you were brought to the
United states illegally by your
Parents before the age of 31,
Lived here for at least five
Years, go to school or work, and
Have no criminal record, you
Were eligible for the deferred
Action for childhood arrivals.
Participants, including 42
People living in Vermont, were
Protected from deportation.
Daca recipients, also called
Dreamers, worry that safety net
Is now gone, including Martha
Who lives in Vermont.
She talked to channel 3 news
Through a translator.
>> having daca has metropolitan
Having freedom through this
It's in the freedom to have
Better job, better pay, it's
Been the freedom to leave my
House to, travel without fear
That because of the color of my
Skin for being a person of
Color, that i would be detained
And deported.
>> Darren: now Vermont is suing
The federal government over
Shutting down daca.
That announcement came from
Attorney general t.j. Donovan.
It's one of 16 states suing.
The attorneys general say it
Violates due process rights,
Hurts states' economies, and
Discriminates against dreamers
From Mexico.
78% of daca recipients are from
And joining me now from Montpelier, is Vermont’s attorney
General T.J. Donovan.
Welcome to the program.
We appreciate it.
>> Donovan: thanks for having
Me, Darren.
>> Darren: obviously you
Disagree with the president who
Called daca unconstitutional.
>> Donovan: i disagree with
President trump's order to
Rescind the daca program.
As was stated during your news
Clip, these folks grew up in
This country.
This is the country many of them
Have known their entire lives.
They're working, they're going
To school.
They're really trying to achieve
The American dream, which is you
Work hard, you play by the
Rules, you get to be rewarded by
Being part of this great country
And being called an American.
And so for me, this is about
It's about equal protection, and
It's about standing up for
It doesn't matter to me, Darren,
If this is one Vermonter, if
It's 100 Vermonters, a thousand
Or 600,000 Vermonters.
We're going to protect
Vermonters and the 42 daca
Recipients here in the state of
Vermont, we're going to protect
Them and fight for them.
>> Darren: who will decide this
And does this suit actually
Stand a chance?
>> Donovan: well, i think it
Does and i think it's very
Similar to the travel ban case
In which the president's
Executive order was declared
And certainly that's being
Currently litigated, but if you
Look at the travel ban case,
It's very similar.
In that case, we said, listen,
Of course the president has the
Authority to make an executive
Decision or an executive order,
But the underlying reason for
Those executive orders can't be
Unconstitutional and the travel
Ban, we thought it was an
Anti-muslim travel ban and i
Think some of the rhetoric we
Heard on the campaign trail
Supported that and the courts
Ruled that in fact it was
Here in this case, in the daca
Case, it's very similar.
Some of the rhetoric we've
Heard, we know that the daca
Recipients are 90% Latino, 78%
The rhetoric we've heard
Throughout the campaign, whether
It's about the nationality of
Certain judges, whether it's
Certain -- classifying certain
People as criminals, that
Underscores some of those
Policies and that violates the
Equal protection clause of the
14th amendment and that's why we
Think this is unconstitutional.
It's not saying the president
Doesn't get to make these
Orders, but you can't make these
Orders when it's demonstrating
Animus toward a certain group of
>> Darren: you just laid out the
Argument for why this could be
What about violating due rights
And hurting states' economies?
>> Donovan: well, absolutely.
You talk to many of these big
Businesses, whether it's apple
And so many other companies, we
Rely on immigration as a tool
For economic development.
This makes our -- immigration
Makes our country stronger, and
You see the economic harm.
I think the ballpark revenue
That's generated as a result of
These recipients in our state is
About two million bucks.
That's not small potatoes.
We're a small state.
Every penny counts.
These folks are working, they're
Paying taxes, they're following
The law, they're productive
Members of our community.
Let's bring them in, let's give
Them a pass towards citizenship.
Let's say that the American
Dream that exists for all of us
Exists for everybody else, and
Let's be reasonable and rational
And inclusive in this state and
This country.
>> Darren: well, in addition to
States filing suits, some big
Corporations, you just named
Some like apple and microsoft,
Coming forward saying they'll do
What they can to protect those
Workers who are dreamers, but
What can they really do?
I mean, is this lawsuit the only
>> Donovan: no, i don't think
This lawsuit is the only way.
In fact, i agree with president
I call on congress, too, to do
Its job.
Look, this legislation should
Pass and the fact that there has
Been decades of inaction on this
Is incredibly frustrating, so i
Do agree with president trump.
Congress should do its job and
Pass immigration reform and
Provide a path of citizenship
For these dreamers.
And i frankly do agree with the
President, give them six months,
Let them do their job.
We need to get clarity on this
We tend to go around and around
On this and what we forget is
We're dealing with real people's
We are putting people in fear of
Going to the store, of calling
911 when they're victims of
Crime, going to the hospital
When they've been injured or
Hurt or sick.
This is real life for so many
People, and we need -- i agree
With president trump, congress
Should pass legislation on
Immigration reform.
>> Darren: well, do you think --
Following up on that, could the
President be having second
Thoughts on this?
It turns out president trump
Sent a reassuring tweet at the
Urging of house minority leader
Nancy pelosi of california.
Take a listen to this.
This is what the tweet said.
For all of those that are
Concerned about your status
During the six-month period, you
Have nothing to worry about.
No action.
What do you make of that?
>> Donovan: i don't know what to
Make of the tweet.
What i do know is this: i
Believe in the goodness of
I do think this decision to kick
People out of this country that
Have lived here for the entirety
Of their lives, that are
American, it is cruel and i do
Believe president trump wants to
Do the right thing on this.
I do think that congress should
Act and i hope, i hope, if they
Do not act, president trump
Reverses this order and he
Allows these daca recipients,
These dreamers to stay in this
Country and give them the
Opportunity to achieve the
American dream, which we have,
Which we should work hard, keep
Your nose clean, pay your taxes,
Get a job, go to school, you'll
Be rewarded.
That's what, Darren, we were
That's what everybody in this
Country is taught.
Why are we making it different
For folks that grew up here and
Live in this country, are our
Neighbors, are our coworkers,
Are our fellow citizens?
>> Darren: we've all seen the
A lot of these young people came
Out of the shadows to stand up
For daca.
Are they more at risk now of
Deportation because they're
Identified now?
>> Donovan: well, here's the
Thing, and this is what i think
Is probably the cruelest part of
This order.
You know, under president obama,
We said, hey, listen, here's
Your path to the American dream.
Sign up and we're going to keep
A list essentially.
Well, now I’m sure there's a lot
Of those folks who are
Second-guessing that decision to
Trust our government to put
Their name on the list because
Now that has done nothing but to
Instill fear in people and so i
Hope that over these next six
Months, congress does its job.
We're going to certainly do our
Job as the attorney generals of
Our states when we think that
The federal government isn't
Protecting our neighbors, our
Colleagues, our friends, we're
Going to stand up and fight to
Protect Vermonters in this state
And everybody else in this
Country, so this is going to be
An issue that hopefully has a
Resolution, whether it's through
Congress, through the courts, or
Through president trump.
And i do believe that tweet
Provides a seed of hope.
I do think any person looking at
This, we've made a deal with
These folks for sign up, work
Hard, you get a chance of being
Part of the American dream.
We don't pull the rug out from
Under them and kick them out of
The country.
That's not how we do business in
This country, we're better than
>> Darren: you mentioned the
President kicking this back to
If congress does pass the dream
Act as it's called, do we drop
The stut?
>> Donovan: it's too early to
We have to see what congress
Obviously you want congress to
Pass legislation that fixes this
Issue and brings clarity to this
Issue, and really provides
Clarity and comfort to the folks
That sign up to be part of this
I think we got to wait and see.
I do think -- i am heartened by
President trump's tweet and i
Hope that congress does its job.
We're certainly going to do ours
As the attorneys general to make
Sure we're protecting, again,
Our neighbors and friends and
Colleagues across this country,
And i hope that if it comes to
It, president trump revisits
This executive order and frankly
Reverses this.
This is not the way we do
Business in America.
We're better than this.
We made a deal with these folks
And to reverse it and pull the
Rug out from under them, it
Simply isn't fair.
>> Darren: 16 states signed on
So far.
Are you anticipating other
States to follow suit, join this
Are you hearing from other
Attorney generals?
>> Donovan: i think you'll see
Other states take certain
Actions to challenge this
Executive order.
This is an issue that my
Colleagues and i have -- we were
Discussing this the minute that
This came out.
Many states were working through
The weekend on this issue and
These decisions were made very
Quickly after the executive
Order was issued, i believe on
>> Darren: walk us through what
Happens now.
>> Donovan: well, i think what
You'll see is, Darren, as we
Just discussed, you may see
Other states take certain
Actions to challenge it.
Hopefully we see congress pass
Again, i was heartened by
Speaker Ryan’s tweet that
Dreamers should rest easy.
I think we heard that in the
Past, however.
They need to do their job.
We're going to -- i can tell you
We're going to do our job and
Whether it's this issue, whether
It's the issues of civil rights
In terms of lgbtq community,
Whether it's racial justice
Issues, we need to come together
As a state and as a country and
Bring people together, not to
Divide people based on hate,
Based on race, based on
Religion, based on sexual
That is un-american.
What is American in my opinion
Is standing in solidarity with
Everybody and saying this is the
Deal, you work hard, you play by
The rules, you get to take it to
Upward mobility, you get to take
It to live the American dream.
That's what we want to give
That's what made people great.
We are the greatest country on
This planet.
We're going through a
Challenging time and i think we
Need to take a step back.
I like what i see from president
Trump working with the democrats
Right now, whether it's on the
Debt creeling, whether it's
Suggesting that he is not going
To go through this executive
Order if congress doesn't pass
Let's not divide people.
Let's bring people together.
We can have our differences, but
We got to be willing to
We got to be willing to
Negotiate, and we got to be
Willing to say yes to progress
For every American and everybody
That lives in this country.
>> Darren: attorney general t.j.
Thank you so much.
I appreciate your time.
>> Donovan: thanks for having
Me, Darren.
>> Darren: and thank you all for
The news continues next on the
Weekend, including the latest on
Hurricane Irma.
Take care, everybody.
We'll see you soon.
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