Young athletes win national attention over #EqualPay efforts

Published: Oct. 23, 2019 at 6:49 PM EDT
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A big win for the BHS girls soccer team is being celebrated among other achievements. They got serious national attention after some received yellow cards for taking their game jerseys off and revealing their #EqualPay shirts.

Brandi Chastain, the female soccer player who made major headlines when she took her jersey off in a 1999 game revealing her sports bra, has even tweeted her support for the girls.

Parents say the national attention was very unexpected.

The girls had put a lot of time and effort into the #EqualPay shirts.

And while the yellow cards were given during a crucial game, it ended up working out for the best.

"A big surprise but deserved so, these girls put a lot of time in before that game and then that moment and the yellow card. And at first, it was really, it disappointing because it was a critical game but in the grand scheme of things, it was the right thing. And it's great that everyone has really seen it as a very positive thing," said Kevin Worden, a parent.

"It's great because it clearly highlights an issue that resonates across the country and the world. And I think that's part of why they're getting so much attention," parent Lisa Brighenti said.

As for the #EqualPay shirts, when the order number was checked Tuesday, they had sold more than 2,500 shirts. That number is much higher than they ever expected.