Young racecar driver urges Vermonters to buckle up

 Evan Hallstrom
Evan Hallstrom (WCAX)
Published: Aug. 11, 2017 at 9:58 AM EDT
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"I got one person in my family to wear it and now my friends to wear it," Evan Hallstrom said.

And it won't stop there. Hallstrom, 15, is an advocate for buckling up.

"If we can save one life that's good. But if we can save as many as we can and get the point across that's even better," Hallstrom said.

That's why the Northfield teen has been spearheading a Click it or Ticket effort for two years across the state.

"We go around to schools, talk to kids and anybody who has any questions about enforcing seat belts," he said.

You may wonder how someone who doesn't even have a driver's license yet can be so into this.

"My parents have been at the racetrack for 35 years at least," Hallstrom said.

He races late model cars and is a well-known driver in Vermont for his title wins. And smack dab on his car is the sign urging everyone to use a seat belt.

Hallstrom says when he started racing two years ago something scary happened.

"I had a bad crash and that car was pretty much done," he said.

He was wearing a seat belt and walked away from the crash. That same year he landed in third overall at Devil's Bowl Speedway. And he plans to share that story for as long as he can, whether it's on the track or on the roads, his message is clear.

"It takes so little time to buckle up and save your life," Hallstrom said.

Hallstrom is racing Saturday at the speedway and says he always makes time on race day to talk to anyone about the campaign.