Catching up with Ryan Cochran-Siegle

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S. Burlington Tuesday, April 28th

RICHMOND, Vt. - The numbers tell the story of what was Ryan Cochran-Siegle's best year on the World Cup Circuit.

In early December, he finished a career best sixth in a downhill at Beaver Creak. Three weeks later, he topped that result by placing fifth in an alpine combined in Italy.
Overall, in 25 World Cup races across four disciplines, the downhill, Super G, giant slalom and the combined, Cochran-Siegle finished inside the top 20 seventeen times. He finished 20th in the overall standings, the top American on the circuit.
But if you ask Ryan why this season became his best, he'll say it's because he finally stopped worrying about the numbers.

"I just got to the point where I was just over feeling the pressure and feeling those expectations, so I just said, 'I'm going to focus on the skiing'. And I think that contributed to being able to ski so well.", said Cochran-Siegle.

Every time Ryan enters a starters gate, he does so carrying the most iconic name in American ski racing. From his mother, Barbara Ann Cochran, a 1972 Olympic gold medalist, to his aunts and uncle and cousins, Cochran-Siegle is the 11th member of the 'Skiing Cochrans' to make the U-S Ski Team.
He's also the sixth to compete in an Olympics, after he made the U-S team in 2018. Some may look at being the current torchbearer for that legacy as a burden, but for Cochran-Siegle, it's a blessing.

"There's a lot of time when I'm clicking out of the gate on live feed and they'll be talking about my mom or my aunts and uncle. I think it's good to have that kind of connection. There are so many times when I'm skiing over in Europe and they'll say, 'Oh, your mom is Barbara Ann Cochran', and I'll say yes.
I think the familiarity with those people seeing my name it's nice. It's definitely an advantage and I don't feel the burden as far as pressure goes. We all have our own accomplishments and we definitely all root for each other success. To me its a healthy family relationship and connection."