Coach Day speaks out about his resignation from UVM

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) UVM Women's Basketball Coach Chris Day is speaking out about his decision to resign.

Day wanted to make it abundantly clear when he spoke to our Jack Fitzsimmons Friday that his decision to leave was independent of the university's review of his conduct while serving as head coach.

Day joined the University of Vermont in 2016 after previously serving as an assistant coach at Penn and his family considers Philadelphia to be home.

Day acknowledged the fact that some fans of the UVM program probably have questions as to why he would resign a head coaching job to pursue an assistant job. They also wonder whether the investigation factored into his decision.

He says it did not, because if it did, he believes his coaching staff would not have remained in place. As for the reason why the university has not released the results of that investigation, Day would not speculate.

"The only answer I'd have for that is you have to ask them and that I decided to leave. And so, does that make the review incomplete? Because... I don't have an answer to findings or anything like that. I'm gone. So I don't have an answer except you'd, unfortunately, have to ask them." Day said.

In a statement, UVM Athletics Director Jeff Schulman told WCAX Sports, "Coach Day resigned. Our focus now is on supporting Alisa and our players to ensure the success of the program, and to promote the development and advancement of each team member to their highest potential as both students and athletes.

WCAX Sports has also submitted an official records request in regards to the investigation.