Families of Thunder Road - The Lanphears

Dwayne Lanphear has been driving at the nation's site of excitement for a number of years.

"33 as a matter of fact.", says Lanphear.

But after taking an extended break from the track, he says the past few years have been the most rewarding of his racing career. That's because Dwayne's son Brandon is following in his footsteps as a driver

"I've come to Thunder Road for as long as I can remember.", says Brandon. "You know, I watched my dad race for years. It's a hard habit to break once you get into racing, it's just one of those things where once you start, I don't know how you quit really."

"It's amazing to actually race with him.", says Dwayne. "We started with a street stock for a couple years prior to this year, he's a rookie this year, but he runs up front with me and so I've got to experience it."

There are a number of families with multiple generations still driving at Thunder Road, but it's rare to see them in the same division. What makes the Lanphear's unique is just how competitive both drivers are.

"We definitely towards the beginning of the season were kind of racking up the trophies and it was kind of a battle between the two of us to see who could get more before the other one and it's all good fun but I dunno, I think I might have more than him now so we'll see.", says Brandon.

"Yeah that battle went on, I think the first 8 races we both had five podium finishes each out of 8 races so people were getting a little ticked at the Lanphears. But that's the way it goes.", adds Dwayne.

But on the track, the similarities pretty much end with the last name and results.

"I let it all hang out, make things happen.", says Dwayne. "That's just my racing style, always has been. he is really smooth and people take notice of it and he doesn't piss people off."

Brandon and Dwayne are on the same team, but with both chasing the checkered flag seemingly every week, the help only goes so far.

"He's definitely helped me out, you know what the car's doing, what it's feeling like and he'll tell me the same thing.", says Brandon.

"I mean we play no games, we run our own race and so I've got to watch him like he won the first 75 lapper of this series and I finished third.", says Dwayne.

"But I don't know, it is every man for himself out there, that's for sure.", adds Brandon.

But at the end of the day, both recognize the time they get to share at the track is what means the most.

"It's definitely cool though to be racing with my father who's raced for like I said I dunno, maybe 30 years here and you know, it's definitely something I won't forget.", says Brandon.