Families of Thunder Road - The Lymans/Morins

Wednesday, August 15th

BARRE, Vt. -- The 17 car is a tradition for the Lyman and Morin clans at the nation's site of excitement.

"Oh it's fantastic, you know. My parents brought me here in the late 60s early 70s, and I started with my own race car in 1975 when I graduated from high school."

Gregg Lyman first started driving it in the mid 70s, giving his son Trevor and nephew Darrell Morin plenty to dream about as kids

"He raced for quite a while, and I was kind of hanging around the shop, getting interested in it and so threw me in a car and here we are.", says Trevor.

"Just what I knew I guess, didn't really know anything else but being here.", adds Darrell.

But in this family, it wasn't just the boys who loved to be around the track growing up. Shanda Driscoll is Trevor's sister, and she's spent her Summer Thursdays at the high banks as long as she can remember

"This was a huge aspect of our lives growing up,. Like I said, we were here every week, and as we got older we would be in the shop helping dad and puttering with the car, painting it you know just it was an every day thing for us and it's kind of all we've ever known.", says Shanda.

After being around the track his whole life, Trevor decided a few years back that he needed to step away from his Tiger car. But rather than joining him, Shanda found a way to stay involved. She joined her cousin Darrell's late model team as a spotter

"When my brother took some time off, I was here cheering on my cousin Darrell, and then Darrell stepped up to the late model and they asked me to spot for him and so I'm up there every week spotting for him. Still doing it, still having a blast doing it.", says Shanda.

"It's nice having her on my team.", adds Darrell. "She's a huge racing fan. She's the one that keeps everything going really throughout when he was away and having her father out of it, she still stuck with it and wanted them to get back in it for sure."

Trevor has since returned, often putting Shanda and one big crew on double duty

"The family side of it is kind of the fun part.", says Trevor. "If something happens to my car or Darrell's car, we all go running to try to pitch in and help out, so we definitely have a lot of support."

"I enjoy running between two cars.", says Shanda. "I do the tire temps on Trevor's car after he comes in and then I have to run up to the spotters stand to spot for Darrell and I just do a whole lot of running and its fun just to be surrounded by family."

As for the patriarch of the Lyman family, Gregg is back as well, serving as crew chief for Trevor while offering support for Darrell

"They, as younger drivers, the chassis setups are a lot different from when I was racing so to be able to understand what Trevor's saying, I completely understand it and then i can give him my feedback and that works pretty good.", says Gregg.

And after all the years and accomplishments Gregg has been a part of, there's still one thing he hopes to see his family pull off.

"Well Darrell, obviously I'd like to see him progress up the ladder and be in contention for a championship and I'd like to see Trevor win a tiger championship too. It's a goal and a dream. It's the only thing I want before I go is a championship in either one."