Families of Thunder Road: The Streeters

Wednesday, July 11th

BARRE, Vt. -- It's fairly common at Thunder Road to see a father-son pair both running their own car. It's not uncommon to even see them running in the same division. But Kevin and Kyle Streeter are unique within the tiger division. Kyle may be Kevin's son, but he's the vet in the family.

"I raced, I want to say 5 years in the street stock division, then gathered up enough money to buy a tiger car.", said Kyle. "And it was tiger cars last year. This year my dad decided to try it out."

That's not to say Kevin doesn't have plenty of experience at the nation's site of excitement. He previously helped with Kyle's uncle Chip Grenier and drove a road warrior.

"So I got involved through my uncle Chip. he's raced Tigers all the way through here. He's kinda like my hero, childhood hero.", said Kyle.

"To me, the cars are different to when Chip ran them, but it gives me a lot of background for the car and Chip helps me out a lot, and my kid helps me out a lot. It's just different as far as who I'm racing against.", says Kevin.

Kevin's experience working on his ex brother-in-law's car has been crucial in helping Kyle become a serious competitor in the track's second highest division

"Nah, it's was great.", says Kevin. "He's made his mistakes up through the street stocks. And he's wrecked some cars...he's wrecked a lot of cars actually so he's learning and he's learning fast."

"He gives me a hand if I need it, I give him a hand if he needs it. You know, we're kinda here for each other. We're here to have fun and kinda support.", adds Kyle.

And just two weeks ago, Kyle and Kevin went 1-2 in the first of double Tiger features. Kevin had been running on Kyle's bumper for much of the race, but it probably makes it a little bit easier to hold off your closest competitor when you're related to him

"Definitely felt like I had more of a cushion.", said Kyle. "If it was someone else behind me, I probably would be more defensive driving. But since I knew my dad, he wasn't gonna push the issue and have two wrecked cars in the family. And so that's where he probably wanted to and if he filled the hole, I wouldn't have blamed him because I probably would have done the same thing."

"You look at the big picture, if I take us both out, it's gonna cost me some money. So no, I'm happy to watch my kid win a race, you know. I'd rather get more enjoyment out of watching him win than myself so for him winning, I'm happy for him. It's still my glory too, I've helped him out so whenever he wins, I feel like I win too.", adds Kevin.

Kevin has yet to join Kyle in victory lane this year, but maybe later this summer, the son can return the favor.