From a Redhawk to a Catamount

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Monday, April 6th

HINESBURG, Vt. -- Over the years, more than four dozen Vermonters, players like Jen Neibling, Libby Smith and Katie MacNamara, have donned the green and gold and played for the UVM women’s basketball team. Soon, you’ll be able to add a new name to that list, CVU’s Catherine Gilwee.

“Yeah, it was just my perfect fit.”

Catherine Gilwee, a junior standout on the CVU girls basketball team, didn’t have to travel far to find her perfect college fit. After joining her older sister on a visit to the UVM campus a couple of years ago, she knew where she wanted to be.

“I really loves the campus, that was just before basketball itself, and then when I got the offer, I met the coaches and I also met the team. I just loved it all, so it all came together.”, said Gilwee.

UVM offered Gilwee a scholarship following a strong sophomore season where she helped lead CVU to the program’s ninth straight D1 title game.
Gilwee is proud to join the long tradition of top Vermont players staying home and playing for the Catamounts, and is excited to soon be a part of the program coach Alisa Kresge is building at UVM.

“When I visited and talked with the coaches, they all had the same message about the type of program they were trying to build. I just loved how everyone was on the same page.”

This winter, Gilwee and CVU we’re undefeated and favorites to win the program’s first state title in three years when the girls basketball playoffs were suspended the day of the D1 semifinals and eventually canceled.
All four of the remaining Division One teams were eventually declared champions, but as a competitor, Gilwee says she and her teammates regret the missed opportunity.

“I think there was just a lot of devastation. We worked so hard, all year, and we just wanted to prove ourselves and finish it at Patrick.”

Gilwee is also a standout soccer player and is looking forward hopefully to a full senior season at CVU before beginning her green and gold adventure in the fall of 2021