Hoopcats unique pregame ritual

Wednesday, December 13th

If you attending Monday night's UVM men's basketball game, or any Hoopcats home game you know the drill prior to tip off. The starting five for Vermont is announced, then the team gathers in a circle out on the court...then it happens. Anthony Lame stands in the center of the circle and begins to mock beat up different members of the team. As Lamb explains, he's picking up the torch from one of the key Cats from a season ago.
"So it really started with Dre Wills last year.", said Lamb. "He would get in the circle and start hitting people and finish off with hitting Cam (Ward). So that was funny and I thought I would try to bring that into it. It kind of developed into me just trying to take out different people in different ways and try to be more inventive, and people like it. So I was like, 'If you guys like it, I like doing it', so I just try to come up with more creative ways to decapitate people in the huddle. But other than that, it's just something fun. It brings us together and gives up energy going into the game, so I think it helps us a lot."