McCuin Brothers Train Together

HINESBURG, Vt. (WCAX) "It all kind of started when we saw the Ivy League go down and the NESCAC go down, and we were thinking to ourselves we're probably gonna be right behind them," Hoyt McCuin said on a sunny afternoon at his family's Hinesburg home.

The end of the season came quickly in the world of college sports. Not long after basketball teams were pulled off the floor, Spring athletes found out they too would have their seasons cut dramatically short

"Our last team meeting, we were still talking about, you know, 'Go home, get reps, stay in shape, keep your stick skills tight,'" added Hoyt's younger brother Owen. "Unfortunately for us, we didn't get to have that final meeting as a group."

That news hit hard for Hoyt and Owen McCuin of Hinesburg. The brothers each won lacrosse state titles at CVU before embarking on college careers at Albany and Southern New Hampshire respectively. But like most college students, they're now stuck at home. It's particularly tough for Hoyt, who is on track to graduate in May

"I just felt for all my other classmates, other seniors, what we've been through together. You know, working hard, getting after it every day."

This may not be the end of Hoyt's lacrosse career: the NCAA is meeting at the end of this month and will likely to grant spring athletes an extra year of eligibility

"It's tough, figuring out whether you want to move forward with your life and begin your professional career in the working world or you know, grinding through the fall and getting after it and having one more season and one last ride at it," Hoyt said.

But while Hoyt and Owen are home, they're taking advantage of their surroundings, and their company, to keep their skills sharp

"I'm taking the silver lining in a sense that I get to be back with my brother who I wasn't going to see until the end of his season," Owen said.

"My dad cut the big black net (behind the goal) at a golf range. It's really served its purpose when we're yanking shots right or left, we don't lose as many balls," Hoyt added.

"Definitely gotta keep exercising. I got my junior year next year and it's just giving me a couple extra months to prepare for September and going into fall ball with a great attitude ready to make some noise in our league," Owen said.

When the time comes to step back onto the field, the McCuins will be ready.