Norwich Hosts One Love Games

NORTHFIELD, Vt. (WCAX) Back in May of 2010, Yeardley Love, a women's lacrosse player at the University of Virginia, was murdered by her boyfriend George Huguely, a member of the men's team at UVA. In the investigation that followed, police received reports of several instances of relationship violence leading up to the murder.

Shortly thereafter, her family started the One Love Foundation, playing off her uniform number and name, to try and spread awareness about unhealthy relationships and promote healthy ones. The movement has spread among the lacrosse community, and on Saturday, both Norwich's men's and women's teams held One Love games to promote the organization's message and teach young adults how to spot signs of unhealthy relationships for both themselves and their peers. The teams wore warm-up shirts with both the One Love and Norwich logos, but it's far from the only step they've taken.

"We've used our platforms to kind of spread the word on this, and we've done a lot of escalation workshops," said Ariana Lacombe, a captain on the Norwich Women's Lacrosse team. "We had someone from the One Love Foundation in Boston come in. Over the Summer, we had multiple athletes on soccer and lacrosse come in and learn how to become a facilitator. We've facilitated escalation workshops on campus and we are continuing that as we go."

"Here at Norwich, we have a wonderful layer on students who can really make an impact," added women's head coach Heather Faasse. "We've got our military students, our student athletes, civilians from all walks of life who are able to tap into the message that One Love has to offer. We've had some events on campus that have caused Ariana and our team to step up and really want to take initiative on something this big."