Remembering 'Miss O'

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S. Burlington Tuesday, April 21st

STOWE, Vt. -- For more than four decades, Bev Osterberg paced the sidelines of the field at Stowe High School that now bears her name. She led her teams to historic levels of success, but her lasting legacy is about so much more than just wins and championships.
"You have athletes joining it just excited to be part of something that was known for being successful and a program that was just well done.", remembers former Stowe player Keely Tamer.
In 45 seasons as the field hockey coach at Stowe, Osterberg led the Raiders to 28 state title games, winning 16 state championships.
When she retired in 2012, Osterberg, known to everyone as Miss O finished with just one losing season and was one of just five high school field hockey coaches in the country with more than 500 wins. Over the decades, she was able to maintain sucess because her message never changed.
"She was true to herself in terms of always being consistent with her philosophy and with her coaching style.", said former Stowe player Gretchen Scheuermann.
"She had an expectation and she set the bar high and she believed in her athletes.", added Tamer.
Osterberg is in the New England Women's Hall of Fame, the Vermont Principals' Assoication Hall of Fame and the Vermont Sports Hall of Fame among numerous other honors.
However, for her former players like Scheuermann, who went on to a stellar career at Northwestern, winning the Broderick Cup as the national player of the year in 1994 and, like Osterberg, is a member of the Vermont Sports Hall of Fame, or Tamer, who was a two year captain at Michigan, then entered coaching, helping build a high school program from scratch in Dexter, Michigan that just won a state title and, in January, was named President of the Michigan Chapter of USA Field Hockey, it's the impact she had on their's and countless other players' lives after they left the playing fields at Stowe that will be Miss O's true legacy.
"The dedication she had, the commitment, the belief in her players, that's what I will remember more than how many wins we had.", said Scheuermann.
"I always felt some strength in her belief in me and her encouragement and her support.", said Tamer. "So I have always taken that away from my relationship with Miss O. It guides me in how I treat my players, and that, I feel, personally that she's given me."