Sliding to success


Wolfgang had a very good showing last weekend at the 2019 Youth Nationals. He rebounded from fifth place last Saturday to win the second seeding race on Sunday, placing fourth overall in the national title chase.

He finished the season ranking third overall with 160 seeding points, allowing him to move up next season. Unfortunately, he is too young to make that step right now.

Congrats, Wolfgang!


He hasn't been at it long, but Swanton Elementary School student, Wolfgang Lux, is in love with Luge.

"It's been really special to me," Lux said. "It's probably one of the most favorite sports that I'm doing."

The 11-year-old's journey began not too far from the luge track in Mt. Van Hoevenberg. He was discovered at Team USA's annual Summer Slider Search in Essex in 2017.

"My mom suggested it to me," Lux said. "So, I wanted to see what it was and then when I went, it looked pretty cool."

Lux spent the last year making cuts at tryouts. He beat out nearly 1,000 others before finally making the development camp. It's the first step in the Team USA Pipeline. Lux along with others from around the country are training 40 hours a week, over a 15 week period.

"It's really just making progress," instructor and 2014 Olympian, Aidan Kelly said. "We're looking five to ten years down the line for the athletes that we have here today."

Because they're missing school to participate in this camp, there's time set aside each day for the kids to hit the books with a New York State certified teacher.

"Never want to miss training for anything," Kelly said. "So, it's super important to keep on top of your schoolwork and get good grades outside of here."

But inside the venue, Wolfgang Lux is now a student of the sport.

"It's really awesome to be here, just have the experience to go down the track," Lux said.

After the development team, comes the candidate team, then the Junior National Team, which competes around the world.